come on devs! a toilet!

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Re: come on devs! a toilet!

Postby T00THLESS on Jul 7 2018, 5:35am

I support the addition of a toilet for a throne, as long as a mini fridge and tv table with a glass of scotch (neat of course) are the throne side pieces, with a flat screen 1080p television as the banner.
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Re: come on devs! a toilet!

Postby illIIlIHOLYIlIIlDOMOIlIlIIi on Jul 7 2018, 9:09am

Sooo.....would it be a unisex one or would the left room be for women? You could have female product dispensary. The right room could be transgender bathroom equipped with a sit down urinal so Drgn would feel comfortable.
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