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Re: Trade calculator

Postby --LordZero-- on Apr 19 2018, 8:25am

Maybe the difficulty is part of the feature?
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Re: Trade calculator

Postby xxMiss-Daynaxx on Apr 19 2018, 2:15pm

VAMPIRE wrote:It's about time we want to have an automatic charm count calculator on trade . Should not be that hard to add the feature. Will save a lots of time and trading will be easier like never before .

iagree pumpkin 
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Re: Trade calculator

Postby DreadedLeviticus on Apr 20 2018, 9:40am

Support. What is math
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Re: Trade calculator

Postby Lirik on Apr 20 2018, 9:49am

_RR_RebelDragon_RR_ wrote:Support! Call it the KaWculator!

Been months since I could see stats of anything being offered in a trade. DEVS! GET THIS CRAP SORTED ALREADY! I’ve sent enough tickets and each response has been “We are working on the issue.” I CALL BULL! I don’t even want compensation. I just want to be able to see stats again....


I can no longer see any stats in trade windows in pms now .... this does need to be fixed soon
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Re: Trade calculator

Postby xRxExPxExSxTxExRx on Apr 20 2018, 11:00am

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Re: Trade calculator

Postby _xVx_SB_Pennywise_SB_xVx_ on Apr 20 2018, 11:03am

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Re: Trade calculator

Postby aevette on Apr 20 2018, 10:05pm

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Re: Trade calculator

Postby Tzshifter on Apr 22 2018, 8:25pm

What say you developer! -summons a dev-
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Re: Trade calculator

Postby Spac3y on Apr 23 2018, 5:46am

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Re: Trade calculator

Postby Drgn on Apr 23 2018, 6:50am

Fully support.

Actually suggested this same thing to the devs about a month or so ago, where they said they’d look into it. Buuuutttt.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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