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Re: Epic Battle Queue Petition

Postby SizzleBeef on Apr 22 2018, 3:47pm

IXI__SYNCHROTRON__IXI wrote:Interesting concept. But imagine this, you have a guest in your clan, a compass or a sod miraculously drop from an eb. The guest wants to leave but is sucked into an eb that can last hours.

Then cancle the eb-_-
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Re: Epic Battle Queue Petition

Postby _--___-_-Xplicit-X_-_---__- on Apr 22 2018, 4:13pm

what if your activity changed from the norm? Which happens almost daily to some extent...then you may be left with a fail or ff scenario...and either of those is discouraging to members when they have unloads invested
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Re: Epic Battle Queue Petition

Postby Mr_Tuvia on Apr 23 2018, 11:42am

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