Smoother operations

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Smoother operations

Postby chad_da_king on Jan 8 2018, 11:15pm

small things that would make things smoother 1st maybe make the inferior low level equip transmutable from the start unless it takes to much work , 2cd there was an interesting forum post somewhere suggesting that we rank our friends lists by priority we deal with hundreds hard to sort especially since names r either similar or hard to copy u could allow us to organize our circles this could allow us to not lose track of close allies maybe give us the ability to make HIDDEN descriptions of ppl such as *don't trust him to help u in a fight but good trader * even if its like 30 characters it would help

side note its fair that you don't announce all of ur intentions to ppl but sometimes ppl would b thrilled if your response wasn't so generic especially , assuming everything is actually read ,I get you're busy but this would help your players relationship
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Re: Smoother operations

Postby -grizzy- on Jan 8 2018, 11:26pm

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Re: Smoother operations

Postby __Duke__ on Jan 9 2018, 7:55am

-grizzy- wrote:What?

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Re: Smoother operations

Postby BLAZE on Jan 9 2018, 8:41am

Who’s your dealer?
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Re: Smoother operations

Postby ---Dread---Pirate---Roberts--- on Jan 10 2018, 4:05pm

I agree with #7, #18 and 72.a
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Re: Smoother operations

Postby Tzshifter on Jan 10 2018, 4:19pm

__Duke__ wrote:
-grizzy- wrote:What?


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Re: Smoother operations

Postby 5796 on Jan 10 2018, 4:23pm

Tzshifter wrote:
__Duke__ wrote:
-grizzy- wrote:What?



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Re: Smoother operations

Postby Delphin on Jan 12 2018, 1:52pm

I read it as "smother operations" and came in expecting a murder mystery where the pillow is the culprit.
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Re: Smoother operations

Postby jbaker7 on Jan 12 2018, 8:58pm

This made me high
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