hire price bonus cap

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hire price bonus cap

Postby DaPrecursor on Nov 30 2017, 9:03pm

When someone is hired, they make gold. It is capped at 1M. Does anyone else feel this should be increased to 10M, 50M... 100M ? The ally market has blown up, should ally cap be apart of this inflation as well? Thoughts?
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Re: hire price bonus cap

Postby IISllPII-LetHaL_Error-IISllPII on Nov 30 2017, 9:32pm

Wish we could start out at 1bil. Helping new players would be less of a pain.
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Re: hire price bonus cap

Postby Joshthekiller on Dec 1 2017, 10:13pm

Honestly they could pay you the difference between your old hire price and new hire price. That way it would scale with your growth and cost. This would make it benificial for all
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Re: hire price bonus cap

Postby Yogurt on Dec 2 2017, 12:24am

Vollies mean nothing anymore when you need to just complete 1 daily legend and gain 100 items to complete the first sb dropping legend. You get 500 silver bars which is more than anyone can possibly earn from getting vollied,
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Re: hire price bonus cap

Postby Thegiantkiller on Dec 2 2017, 1:51am

Support it’s a good idea tbh
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Re: hire price bonus cap

Postby Phantom on Dec 2 2017, 2:45am

That has been suggested for years since they originally capped the price an ally gets paid. Sadly the devs seem adamant on not doing this.
But hey, support anyway
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