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Re: Charms suggestion Box

Postby JackJohnny on Oct 17 2017, 8:43pm

AshesOfEden wrote:You know!.. long time ago.. devs uses to run a forum thread to let people suggest names for the new equipment and the winner get prizes and the equip actually got the name..

I am foggy but the crown of the red sun and gauntlets of retribution were the examples..

(On a side note, when you are in the charms trading screen, the charms are chronologically sorted by when the equip was released on Kaw.. so u can take a trip down the memory lane)

I remember this joyfully Cos I actually suggested a something something breastplate and promptly got forum banned for a month.. 


Basically the very first set of mith equipment. Forumers had to give the description as well
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Re: Charms suggestion Box

Postby RexLSA on Oct 17 2017, 9:48pm

poo_monkey wrote:
-Silverbullet- wrote:Idea? How about they stop giving us useless reward charms with 2k stats???
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