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Re: * Showcase Edit Proposal *

Postby Ecstasy on Dec 21 2017, 6:31pm

So from what I hear is that there's a sort feature in the works and a few players are trying it out now. It might debut soon if ATA greenlights it!

The current toggles are :
1. Release date
2. Recent received
3. Power
4. Custom (still testing)

Hopefully there will be a manual/custom sort mode too!
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Re: * Showcase Edit Proposal *

Postby -WildWarrior- on Dec 22 2017, 7:01pm

Maybe add a template showing us the total stats we are receiving from items in our showcase
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Re: * Showcase Edit Proposal *

Postby SELFMADE on Dec 23 2017, 4:10am

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Re: * Showcase Edit Proposal *

Postby -distribute on Dec 23 2017, 10:41am

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