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Re: ⭐️ Another WAR Concept

Postby GRYMLN on Oct 3 2017, 6:35pm

Devs refused to incorporate wars for kawmunity cause they r homos
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Re: ⭐️ Another WAR Concept

Postby Dave on Oct 4 2017, 6:59am

I wonder if devs could have a war only showcase. Where current showcase stays as it is. Once winners of war get the rewards at the end a war showcase drops then that showcase could be stolen on a random base. Maybe winning war can increase the level of of the war showcase item. For example have 20 lvls these levels not only increase in stats the level offers protection. Once items goes back to base stats and LVL bye Bye. Once at lvl 20 it moves to normal showcase congratulations you start again....

I hear you cry what if these wars are fixed. Well let's just do these in indi war we all know that lowlands are pointless and exploited so this feature is only good for indi.

I believe this will make it very tough to max to lvl 20. I'll add yo my post when I'm not driving
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