"Free Nobs" Tab in Oracle*Updated*

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Re: "Free Nobs" Tab in Oracle*Updated*

Postby Darkness_Tiggy_Darkness on Dec 22 2018, 2:19pm

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Re: "Free Nobs" Tab in Oracle*Updated*

Postby gray-ts on Dec 22 2018, 3:54pm


And make the ones that should work, work.
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Re: "Free Nobs" Tab in Oracle*Updated*

Postby Drgn on Dec 22 2018, 4:30pm

Not sure why we can’t have Tapjoy instead tbh. I’ve done several through this one that have worked just fine, but more often than not, they don’t.

Their support center does suck too. I did an offer, charges were deducted from my account, but I never received a confirmation email from the advertiser. After going back and forth with support for about 2 weeks and providing them with the necessary proof they requested, their final response was “we’re sorry, but too much time has passed since the original offer, we can not assist you anymore, have a good day”. :/

Support Tapjoy
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Re: "Free Nobs" Tab in Oracle*Updated*

Postby WARLORD_Tribute on Dec 22 2018, 4:53pm

Support this for days
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Re: "Free Nobs" Tab in Oracle*Updated*

Postby AC__ShadowWraith__AC on Dec 23 2018, 4:05am

Just eliminate these scamming jerkwads. Only about 1% ever work like they advertise on any game offer types. Hense a scam to dupe people out of money.

You want free nobs, devs should incorporate something in game to earn say $5.00 worth of nobs a month for things like name change or whatever.

Things like honor, honesty, integrity are gone.
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Re: "Free Nobs" Tab in Oracle*Updated*

Postby AutoBot on Dec 23 2018, 5:14am

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Re: "Free Nobs" Tab in Oracle*Updated*

Postby Rusted_Knight_of_Serenity on Dec 23 2018, 10:27am

Even mods support this and what are the devs doing about it.. Nothing. Doubling down the amount given for the holidays even though the crap on Oracle wall doesn’t work. You are opening your players to viruses and scams and you just ignore it. This thread is old and full of support yet has been ignored.

Well, at least I can see that some things never change. Why is it always the crappy things that stay the same. :/
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Re: "Free Nobs" Tab in Oracle*Updated*

Postby SILENT_BOOM on Dec 23 2018, 11:29am

Support I got scammed for two years from this site before finally removed from my credit report by joining a class action lawsuit I got 2.50$ back but it hurt my credit until it was removed. They just kept sending coffee I didn’t order even after I moved and billing me for it.
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Re: "Free Nobs" Tab in Oracle*Updated*

Postby iGotWarrants on Dec 23 2018, 11:59am

Support, sign me up
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Re: "Free Nobs" Tab in Oracle*Updated*

Postby X__Icarium__X on Dec 23 2018, 12:05pm

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