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Re: Update Request List

Postby Infamous on Nov 13 2016, 7:16pm

Bumpped my thread for you to add
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Re: Update Request List

Postby suptis2 on Nov 14 2016, 6:19am

Add TapJoy. People don't use the free nobs thing because it scams and or doesn't reward. One nob for one ad works for me. They can even cap a limit per day.
- That shows game loyalty if it takes 59 nobs for 1 sod and you can get say 3-5 nobs a day from watching ads.
10-20 days of loyalty can reward in a
free sod.

Incentives. #MakeKawGreatAgain
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Re: Update Request List

Postby 666_HELL_RAISING_SHE_DEVIL_666 on Nov 14 2016, 6:34am

How about we don't get taxed on bb/sb, we bank full amout but get taxed when we decide to ug, think that is unfair thx
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Re: Update Request List

Postby Meiska on Nov 14 2016, 1:14pm

My idea/question is......

Would it not be nice to have a spell to block the use of pots being able to be used? One spell for each category of pots, lasting 2 hours. Free or purchase????
My reason is......what a waste of time and gold if you war both LL and Indi. You have to purchase pots each time you indi, then turn around and sell them to LL war. Would be soooooo very nice to just cast a spell and have those pots blocked from being used if you don't want them to be. Who knows this may increase the number of ppl who war....

I thank you ahead of time for your support!!
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Re: Update Request List

Postby BarbieFoundTheWhiskey on Nov 14 2016, 11:37pm

I think the clan title of Princess should be an option
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Re: Update Request List

Postby ImmortalFaZe on Nov 15 2016, 6:35am

Woa I didn't even know my thread made it into this 
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Re: Update Request List

Postby Killzone on Mar 16 2017, 10:08am

Bump for possible update or so I can find it easily to delete this entire thread because who needs it when devs just want to ignore our requests on this thread that have been here since 2015… yet check out a christmas wishlist at the end of 2016.

None of our ideas were ever recognizes by the fake money hungry devs just looking to finally see our ideas when they realized their game is dying. Yes devs, allowing the players to have a chance to decide where the game is headed would have helped keep and grow OUR game years ago.

We need a power to the players. Devs need to put their faith into us for voting on content. We've stayed by them for years, most new players are just alts… We stayed by the devs as their game fell off the top in all marketplaces. We put faith that you'd keep this game great, now for once trust us and don't just do nice things for us because you saw a christmas post all filled with cheer and decided to finally give a damn. Listen to us YEAR round, everyday, every week, every month etc.


Anyways I'm back after a few months, depression is a you know what and I didnt like doing anything I enjoyed, no interest in anything. Was gonna update so i can get back into enjoying what i use to, but appears there may be no point
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Re: Update Request List

Postby Killzone on Oct 6 2017, 2:47am

Will have time soon, finally secured an apartment. If anyone would like to take over this PM me if not thats okay ill start it up once I secure my first paycheck and pay my phone bill<3
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Re: Update Request List

Postby iG_Bachkeda_iG on Oct 12 2017, 10:10pm

Bump needs more recognition
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Re: Update Request List

Postby Titan_God on Oct 13 2017, 5:55am

The war system needs fixed or replaced. Longer it waits longer it takes to get done.
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