Wulf's Top 20.

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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby Darth-Merciless on Sep 13 2014, 9:49am

What heck is the "Haxor" build????
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby lIlIlIlILlIlIOlIlIWlIlIlIlI on Sep 13 2014, 9:53am

Thats some really great ideas/suggestions. Couldnt find one i wouldnt support ️
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby Jemo on Sep 13 2014, 9:58am

A weekly LB also like gaw has, that would be fun.
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby Cannabis on Sep 13 2014, 10:45am

Nice list, I support most of them. 
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby ___xRAZAELS-SOULx___ on Sep 13 2014, 11:02am

i support 15,11,10 and 9 especially, rly usefull things we need and have been wished for a long time not only by wulf
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby __LoRd_of_ChAoS__ on Sep 13 2014, 11:43am

I like them all there great ideas and they could really improve kaw into an even better game. Full support
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby Noob on Sep 13 2014, 11:54am

I like number 4. It would encourage players to stick to one clan because ranks could actually mean something.
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby trevor7777777 on Sep 13 2014, 1:01pm

Support times a million. All great ideas
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby -KawUser- on Sep 13 2014, 1:15pm

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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby iBadAssDom on Sep 13 2014, 2:06pm

Great Ideas! This Would Be A Great Upg For Kaw It Would Also Get More Players Interested Again (which for the devs means money)! 
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