Wulf's Top 20.

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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby Eldrynil on Sep 13 2014, 6:31am

I support all of these.
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby Mech-Z on Sep 13 2014, 7:01am

Support #4
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby IlI_xXBlackHandXTREMEXx_llI on Sep 13 2014, 7:03am

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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby A1_The_Panda on Sep 13 2014, 7:05am

Support this all whoot whooyt
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby CLASSICPVD on Sep 13 2014, 7:15am

Support s the wulf
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby Digivere on Sep 13 2014, 7:41am

Re#4 specifically make a super admin that can make other reg admins minimally, bonus if they can kick other reg admins but not other supers. Too much weight with wars -- all falling on owner to constantly readmin.

And re PVP, why does plunder bonus only apply to ebs... C'mon Devs you know some oldies want pvp back! They'd hit the bloodrains if you made it count in pvp. Just sayin' .... And stop with the stupid fireworks already.
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby GrAdLoN on Sep 13 2014, 8:23am

What's the haxor build?
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby SPRITZER on Sep 13 2014, 8:29am


Wish to add one more.

Allow nuking of own clan members.
Nuke = Destroy all buildings and returning 20% gold

1) Member within same clan initial nuke on target by spending 5 crystals.
2) Each member in the clan will get a vote.
3) 50% votes required to nuke.

This feature will be good against inactive players who participate in those wars.
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby XxlWoG-maj-WoGlxX on Sep 13 2014, 8:33am

21. Even though should be in top 5 wulfie :-( any plunder spells and bonuses to be applies to pvp as well - not just eb. Deactivated trough ee.
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby IlSavageIlBrowniemanIl on Sep 13 2014, 9:09am

What is haxor build
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