Wulf's Top 20.

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Wulf's Top 20.

Postby Wulf on Oct 26 2013, 8:04pm

If you like please send feedback mentioning your support for whichever ideas you like and why.

Please send only unique messages.

Wish list for KAW from Wulf:
    1) Alphabetize PC contact list with new messages bumped to top
    2) Fix the blasted [back] button on PC
    3) Xtal Counter on oracle page that only you can see so you don't get hosed in EE cause you blew through 24 xtals stripping some overactive sleeper of 15t
    4) More clan member features (CC silencing, more ranks than just owner/admin/member, more chats, cc colors for ranks, etc, with different abilities.)
    5) KAW clock (make these war times MUCH easier for all)
    6) Let device see actives in EB (like PC can)
    7) Let PC see number of personal spy actions on profile (like device can)
    8) Have Equipment stats (worn or not) factor into BTA <Bonus to Allies> to make the ally more valuable. I always thought that was a cool idea and keeps old equipment from being totally useless). May boost ally market again and incentivize active allies even more.
    9) Newsfeed shows not only who joined clan but which admin let in who.
    10) Alliance Chat: Merging of multiple CC's into a single separate chat.
    11) Admin Chat: a Chat accessible to any/all with admin status. (great for clan meetings & instructions)
    12) Toggle chats on/off so you can see CC/WC/AC/any other chats together, individually, or any combination desired.
    13) Significantly increases character limit for Clan Info
    14) Allow Editing of Status from device (just like you can with CA)
    15) Clan Wall (just like players have walls let clans have walls that ANY can read, Only Members or admins can post, and only owners can delete).
    16) Allow Copy/Paste everywhere on device. Not just PM, Clan Info, and Clan Announcement.
    17) Have things drop from PVP whether in EE or not. Make clans who want to have Kingdoms At War be a WAR game not be penalized for Warring. We like shiny fun drops too. i.e.: Fangs, Pots, equipment, etc.
    18) Kill the Haxor Build once and for all - (Its was deemed cheating enough that its blocked in EE why not rest of KAW)
    19) LET WHOLE CLAN hit Vanished Paladin EB so they aren't punished with another hour or 2 of boredom while the losing clan does this EB. Just have mith drop only for people with Rancor Spells but give gold for all and something to do to all
    20) Add Additional Leader-boards that factor into overall LB. Example: Fangs collected, Wars won, Steal wins, Assa Wins, Scout Wins, Achievements… achieved, Equipment/BFE (worn & not?), etc. Multiple LB could give a clearer snapshot of the biggest KAW addicts.
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby chiefvulcan on Oct 26 2013, 8:58pm

I just skimmed through but my favorite is #5. With kaw time it would be easier to plan things out. My least favorite is #10. I'm not saying an alliance chat is a bad idea, I'm just on the fence. I think that you could just create an alliance group in a third party chat app. Also, some alliances are so big that so many people would be talking at once.
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby iaimyrhead on Oct 26 2013, 9:52pm

Those that I am supportive of are #4, #9, #11 and #19. #4 would be nice as if owners would want to give their members a certain position in the clan, it would act like a probation and they can work from the smallest position up to the biggest position. #9 is because some admins just allow players to come in at will, which some times the people they let in are like from rival clans, and the admin who let them in is also from a rival clan which the owner is not aware of. This will allow the owner to at least demote the admin to stop him from accepting any players to join the clan at will. #11 is cool as third party applications are somehow troublesome, and the admins would need to switch back and forth just to chat or discuss on the clan's well-being. #19 is a good idea due to the fact that the players who don't war, have to waste at most 2hours just like what you have stated.
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby iaimyrhead on Oct 26 2013, 9:55pm

Last but not least, #20 is the one I an not supportive of as it would be confusing and a lot of coding would be needed to be done. But that's just my own opinion. The rest, I'm either Confused with that idea or I have nothing to do with my playing of this game as I don't play on a PC.
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby P1TBULL on Oct 26 2013, 10:01pm

#6 already exists... so why do you wish it?
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby Sholron on Oct 26 2013, 10:11pm

I think he means other clans - you can only see actives in the clan you're in on Device.
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby SIR_CHRONIC_420 on Oct 27 2013, 2:41am

I think there all good ideas. I have a couple I would like to see done. Let there be a forum search like there is on pc's.When we get a no match or odd man out, give us 1 rancore or EE. We tried to war but Devs couldn't make it happen. We have had our share of no matches. Thanks and great job wolf on all your posts.
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby troubled-spank-strawbarry on Oct 27 2013, 8:55am

Woe u put a of thought into this great ideas. I like the ability to disable wc during war so only thing that shows up is cc
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby In_StEsCoT_SaNe on Oct 27 2013, 9:18am

Agree with all (but 15)!
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby JEBSTERRRRRR on Oct 27 2013, 9:45am

Some very good ideas here, I like 4 and 20 as I have also suggested More leaderboards that will show you rank no matter where you are on the leaderboard, also number 4 can make peoples of a lower rank work hard to climb the ranks to make this game more fun
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