Wulf's Top 20.

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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby red-riding-hood-princess on Sep 13 2014, 2:07pm

Full support I like idea 20 as it shows wars won and other inportant things to know for you and other players of kaw
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby FIame on Jan 4 2018, 10:43pm

His dream died.
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby Tzshifter on Jan 4 2018, 11:08pm

When half of OP involves PC stuff and now its dead. Feelsbadman
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby NAT1501 on Jan 5 2018, 2:22pm

Unfortunately wulf had the sense to quit game not like us who dont do change
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby kreature on Jan 5 2018, 3:16pm

Devs won't do any of these things. Why even bother.
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby ---Dread---Pirate---Roberts--- on Jan 5 2018, 6:49pm

Funny how the few of the issues and player requests had any action in last 5 years since this was written.

 Wulf
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby Superior on Jan 5 2018, 8:01pm

Why are yall still replying to this? Wulf got banned if I'm not mistaken so it's pointless replying to this.
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Re: Wulf's Top 20.

Postby Ssquirter on Jan 5 2018, 9:43pm

#21 update kaw on older iPods, so I can listen to my songs AND play my old alt at work on my employers wifi
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