Please improve Zoma EB

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Re: Please improve Zoma EB

Postby BobRoss on Sep 24 2017, 4:46am

It should drop like a premium eb...after all it starts from a "rare drop" item. Even if I had a compass at this point zoma wouldn't be worth my time to run. Improve it or end it
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Re: Please improve Zoma EB

Postby BlutEngel on Oct 12 2017, 9:35am

Not many replies and some of them did not stay on topic. Fact is, Zoma EB has lost it‘s attraction. It needs to get improvement.
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Re: Please improve Zoma EB

Postby CzarnoBog on Oct 12 2017, 5:45pm

Bring trinket  to 15lev....
Ppl will chase again
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Re: Please improve Zoma EB

Postby MrX on Oct 13 2017, 8:52pm

I agree with all parts. Its not a paid premium eb, but it is a premium and imo the horn doesn't even make the chase worth it. If it dropped both items, maybe 250-300 max, and had a slight increase on pay I think it would be much more worthy of doing and would make it seem like an actual premium eb
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Re: Please improve Zoma EB

Postby oG-KinGstyleZ on Oct 14 2017, 12:58am

The reason zoma was popular to begin with was the chase for the trinklet , once people realised the amount of horns required to max it it was no longer worth running/chasing anymore
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Re: Please improve Zoma EB

Postby Aahzmandius on Nov 7 2017, 8:15am

Ride of the Dullahan payd both in gold and in event drops like The Labyrinth of Zoma should.
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Re: Please improve Zoma EB

Postby Spock on Nov 7 2017, 8:18am

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Re: Please improve Zoma EB

Postby Rising_Star on Nov 9 2017, 8:29am

Dumbest thread i've read in a while. My clan enjoys doing zoma from time to time. Gold is quite good for a fairly easy eb. I dont get why we need to kiss your ass and change it, when there's nothing wrong with it
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Re: Please improve Zoma EB

Postby ReelKrazy on Nov 9 2017, 9:43am

I still enjoy zone, especially when a zone train runs. The only improvement I see would be to add another Zoma eb in the same tier whaler the septum was a required weapon to use on a single bar. Other than adding another eb, I say leave it.
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Re: Please improve Zoma EB

Postby _ZE_FireKTN_MP_ on Nov 9 2017, 10:03am

Still waiting for devs to make empowered zoma that costs 100 compasses to open.
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