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Re: TZ Guide

Postby *Ryol (01) on Oct 1 2009, 1:30pm

You make guides?
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Re: TZ Guide

Postby KingHawkeyes on Oct 3 2009, 9:49pm

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Re: TZ Guide

Postby *clayton (01) on Oct 18 2009, 10:19am

Bump, this is extremely useful thanks!
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Re: TZ Guide

Postby FreakyJ on Oct 20 2009, 6:49am

Bump for Daz
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Re: TZ Guide

Postby *Dazerazer (01) on Nov 7 2009, 1:17pm

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Re: TZ Guide

Postby BoomBoom on Nov 7 2009, 7:38pm

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Re: TZ Guide

Postby assassinsquirrel on Dec 24 2009, 8:33am

Bumped for newbies having probs finding it
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Re: TZ Guide

Postby *-lllIIIlllIIIIIIllllllIIIIIIl- (01) on Jan 3 2010, 9:40pm

Im lost
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Re: TZ Guide

Postby Arwen on Jan 4 2010, 9:54pm

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Re: TZ Guide

Postby nyn on Jan 14 2010, 6:26pm

So maybe I'm dense, but what's not clear to me is whether this suggests one should destroy existing tier one buildings to create tier two buildings rather than exploring. There is a cost one has to eat on destroying the tier one to replace it with a tier two that isn't factored in here.

Suggestions? At what point do others destroy existing buildings to upgrade to something better?

Thanks! (great advice by the way... all these guides were a great help to me)

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