The Epic Journey of B2B_united, the top 100 Event

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The Epic Journey of B2B_united, the top 100 Event

Postby PandaGeorge on May 8 2014, 8:34pm

hello everyone and welcome to the secret and the Journey of the Feather Event at b2b_united, this post is our All out, no secrets, full disclosure story, this is mostly so others can know for sure how we could actually do this
Image Image
just fair warning, this post is gonna be a bit long, and before you go all TL;DR, well know this... somewhere in this post, i will put a gif of a tiny hamster eating tiny burritos in a tiny dinner set. yes, and trust me, its as beautiful and majestic as you have just imagined. so read on.

When the Quetzal feather event began and rewards were announced, everyone at b2b_united began grinding normally the HTE, back then we were only receiving only 40-45 quetzal feathers. originally the top tier was 100k, so doing simple math we realized that unless the devs did some serious drop bumps, there was no way we couldnt do the 100k cut. So we did the math....

71 days(march 19-may 28th) with a goal of 100k, meant we needed 1408 feathers a day to reach top tier. at 45 feathers an eb came to 32 escapes a day.
32 escapes times 15 mins wait time, meant we lost 8 hrs a day in waiting and only 16 hrs to do the eb.

this came to a simple conclusion, we would have to do an escape in 30 mins or less for 71 days....
that was just simply wrong, nor humanly possible.

the next day we decided to try something else, we could jump to a sub clan and do a Revenge of the warbeasts, and inmedietly we realized that we could do a quick stop while waiting for the HTE to start. but warbeats is a far easier eb to be done if hit by bigs and a full clan. so we did a different approach.


inmedietly this happened, devs made an adjustment to the event, top tier was 80k but we took now notice to what by far, the most important piece of reward equip to be awarded. this little puppy right here for the top 100 collectors


and so we lost it, we went on a mission to get it all, b2b_united members went full force, we began clan jumping, we decided to make subclans while other members lent us their clans.
we called this The Tour de kaw. We rallied the crew, decided order of clans to hop and who would horn

it wasnt enough to just do 1 or 2 piggies, so many of our members had dozens of horns each, and also we had no problem shelling a few bucks to buy some horns.
So, we we trace our routes, these were all our clan stops

b2bhunting, b2bmisfits, b2bfamily, b2bhome, satara, redss, fire emblem, ming - fire banner, make you cry, k.a.w, butlins, xxshadowsxx, atlantis, romeo, trix, supertrix, notrix, subtrix, donnosfists, sky reign, angels palace, my own feather hunt, b2bwar, feather-hunting lodge, florin, the war hammer, cruiser......among others

basically we horned and in 1-2 minutes the eb was done. Our tour leader spammed cc which clan to go next. we ussually had time to do 4-11 stops before we had to return to united to regroup and let the Tour stops run their start up timers

now the reason we needed so many, was that our tour leaders had the keys to some and not all tour stops, so basically few minutes before running off we checked who was on, and who was ready to open and off we went.
then came the Dumbest moment in the history of kaw, we were so caught up in touring, that the ownership of the clan was passed basically every hour through the admins, unfortunately, owner had NO clue he was owner, and he went and disbanded the clan when we were headed to a tour
yeah we had LOST our B2BUnited clan, we regrouped all at our sub and made what you now now as B2B_United. go ahead, laugh it up.

few Lb updates later we started feeling the HEAT, one of our own Zachghost decided to go to Ulfbherts. Ulfbherts was doing clan jumping too and we all felt we couldnt take a day off, everyday was "make or break". and so we pushed, personal quota a per update was 15k-18k. this was because the lowest top 100 moved at a pace of 2-5k a day, we needed to be 3 step ahead.

All of the sudden we had the big Lbs joined the tours. Tours began lasting only 10 seconds, we were so many that we were hurting our own. we decided to split the tours to two simulaneous groups. at this point Superkiller had joined us, and he was quickly racing to the top of the pack, he opened 5 subclans(trixes ones) and with this, we all had the best chance at keeping our pace.

The Push.

one day kaw devs decided to drop a bomb on us, we would have a 48 hr window in which 50% more feathers would drop. we all agreed. this was the moment to absolutely push it. we had run out of most of our horns, and had decided to hold out buying bulk horns till drops actually deemed them worthy of our cash. not a week before , Reckoning had started dropping 50 feathers, just the same as Hte, so all the great people at b2bmisfits opened their doors to the tour. they actually called it the train, because admins would say it was like a trainwreck, all the newsfeed the received every eb, some thought they were being farmed. but they were an amazing bunch, and gladly helped out the Tour de Kaw. we were making their ebs last like 5 mins, it was amazing what adding 20+ motivated players ready to unload their designated actions with a 70+ bunch already hitting like no tomorrow did.

so, 48 hrs, everyone made a massive sacrifice, we gonna have to become sleep depraved, taking 3 hrs naps and rejoining the tours till exhaustion. basically at this point we had tallied the counts and against LB and we had 80 of the 100 players in the top . and everyone was eager to maintain their spot, we bought horns, and for 48 hours, we demolished that blue bacon.

after that came the big bump, 600 feathers for HTE and 500 for piggy, we were now Netting OVER 4k an hour
at this point, we had realized that only united and Ulfberth members were gonna be the only ones getting the banners, we all at united had a nice talk, and we decided to make this
Special request from top feather lbers to the kaw devs
we felt really that it was not fair at all how other players would give their all for 2 months and really dont have a shot at the banner that thread asked the devs to really alter the game event, and introduce tier banners as rewards while making the top 100 banner a little different so we can at least have something to call our own.
this resulted in a overwhelming response from the Devs, tier banners were introduced, top 100 got their banner, in the end, over 5 thousand players would now get a banner.

The spy....
all of a sudden we found ourselves someone new in our midst, since admins had no time to sort out who was who on the clan doors we had agreed that when in doubt, check the status banner, we all had the Tour De Kaw banner up. turns out that a player from Ulfberth had infiltrated our rank, not by mistake mind you, this player had changed his name to the b2b codes and had copied our banner on his own. this was sexyblondgoddess's Owner (i dont even know if its the same now or not). all of the sudden when we returned to United we were one man stronger, always somebody was staying out because clan was full. as soon as this happened the whole group decided to farm that player back and pin him for a while, as a clear message to NOT try that crap again and that was the end of that.

The Assassin
katie and super had been strong at top 1 and 2 for a while now, most of us, myself at that moment, realized, we are not going to catch them. everytime i went to bed, they were on cc, when i woke, they were still on cc. katie slept 3 hours, yet had an alarm every hour to just unload. this was too much, we decided to just let them battle it out. whoever wanted it more, would come victorious.

wrong...katie began being farmed, the day she finally got her top 1, she began being pinned, for 5 days this was nonstop. super regain his top 1 while we began advising katie on what to do.
all of the sudden, katie dropped build, put on 25 ll towers and mithed up. and voila! the culprit was found. it was some alts and their main. pinning katie when was superkiller

oh i see that caught your eye, well, take a moment to let that sink in and enjoy what i promised on the top of the thread, heres that hamster eating his tiny burritos
wasnt that something? what if he had like a dip next to it, it wouldve look awesome had he been able to dip it. anyway, back to the story

everything went on caveman mode, everyone demanded blood and a ban. super denied it, but we had the ss, not only that, we took notice that super was deliberately leaving katie out of the tour stop at his clans. since eb lasted seconds, a late approval meant you would miss the eb, not only that , but also missed where we were headed next.
super was kicked from united and lo and behold, he went to Ulfbherts (i probably keep misspelling it, its a hard name to check when im writing nonstop) he was welcomed of course, he also promised them one thing (this was confirmed to us via their members) he had promised to help them all get top 100. United began farming super then stopped when he apologized. he returned to united, after all, we had all spent weeks together and we never let someone out after all the money spent.

we began touring again, and guess what....katie began being pinned again, this time the culprits came from different clans, after much back channeling they all had a thing in common, their reason.
they were pissed at katie because super had told them one thing. "katie is farming me non stop, and he wanted justice"
this was the last straw. we started boycotting supers tours, we were feeling betrayed and angry, yet we were honorbound, and no one took action. until one man came.....

The Vengeful Fury
IIlIlIl_Vendett4_IlIllllis a friend of mine, i had tried on numerous occasions to have him joined our tours, clearly i wanted to help my friend. our clan had been full for weeks, no openings, i then decided to drop from touring and if the clan was full, i was to be kicked so IIlIlIl_Vendett4_IlIllllcould have my spot, he needed a strong tour actions to catch the top 100. one day he pmed me, asking about katie and super fiasco, once i told him, he realized that super had lied to him. super tried getting him to farm katie because of supers story, as soon as IIlIlIl_Vendett4_IlIllllrealized the full spectrum of the deceit he began demanding answers from super. it all ended with super threatening to kill IIlIlIl_Vendett4_IlIllll in real life.

i know right?? the Fury co-owner, IIlIlIl_Vendett4_IlIllll, being threaten, that was it for super, doing honor to his name, vendetta literally kept super pinned the last 48 hrs of the Event. "i swear you will never reach top 1 for what you did". super had to xtal to even hit ebs, and used his alts to try and stop vendettas onslaught. vendetta took the mantle of the Vengeful fury, and single-handily destroyed Super chances at top 1. super had betrayed our trust, he had lied and worse, took horrible means to cripple what he knew was a threat to his #1 spot.

in the end, we ended with 69 players in the top100, unfortunetly that last massive bump that we started getting of 500-600 feathers per HTE/ROTWB was too much, we had catapulted ourselves to a secure top, but when somebody had to take a day or two off, they would be too far behind. we were making over 50k a day now, some of us had stopped touring and lent our spots to others in the clan as a way to secure the top 100 positions, but we failed for a few. some lost their top by a few thousands. we also had a great reward, you see, dropping all those horns had unleashed this massive wave of seal drops. how many?
yeah, we stopped the need to reseal in our clan for a good week, and still today we are still using those seals, all FFA, nobody took any for themselves, all seals are used for the clan and its members. we also had the opportunity to help many reach their 90k goals, these were people we took from wc that were struggling. for example
RallyGirl, 40 mins to the end of the event, rallygirl had express in wc "is it possible to get 4k in 40 mins?" many started saying "no" and basically giving her a "you failed" speech. but then
Image we reached to her and in 26 minutes we had pushed her through 11 stops. she got her 4k with 14 minutes to spare.
i asked her if she was willing to share her story as proof of what we did. you see, many players had accused us at united that we were cheating, botting and account sharing. these people have no clue what they were talking about. many players had come to us via walls and pms with the correct attitude "i need x amount, can you help me" and we took them in. those who decided to troll and follow the hate road, well, haters....gonna hate.
We are all demolished, some even havent talked today, we need to recoup our sleep and our lives.
congratulations to all top 100 and the THOUSANDS who now managed to secure their tier banners too. you EARNED IT!!
special thanks to all the admins, to our owners , to the lbers, to the supporters. thank you b2b_united for living up the name, united we persevered, united we triumphed
thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed this novel
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Re: The Epic Journey of B2B_united, the top 100 Event

Postby ImmortalFaZe on May 8 2014, 8:36pm

I won't TL;DR
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Re: The Epic Journey of B2B_united, the top 100 Event

Postby Chaos on May 8 2014, 8:39pm

Very good thread, got a few chuckles in there!
Much respect to B2B family!
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Re: The Epic Journey of B2B_united, the top 100 Event

Postby IIlSllIIPlIIlAIIllDllIlEllIIll on May 8 2014, 8:42pm

Well written thread, proud to be part of it
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Re: The Epic Journey of B2B_united, the top 100 Event

Postby xXP_3X_Tz-ToXiCxZoNe-Tz_XP_3Xx on May 8 2014, 8:45pm

Awesome read! I love how the good members of kaw are willing to do things like let a friend have a spot, or help a friend with being farmed. No many players like that anymore. B2b seems like a pretty great family of clans, might come check them out one day when I grow!
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Re: The Epic Journey of B2B_united, the top 100 Event

Postby ShadowLegendX on May 8 2014, 8:47pm

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Re: The Epic Journey of B2B_united, the top 100 Event

Postby Anony on May 8 2014, 8:48pm

amazing thread panda

CONGRATS to all who achieved their goals, snd thank you all who made this epic event work put the way it did.

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Re: The Epic Journey of B2B_united, the top 100 Event

Postby -Narwhal on May 8 2014, 8:48pm

You could've invited me next time...

I only had to get one more feather :/
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Re: The Epic Journey of B2B_united, the top 100 Event

Postby dr_claw on May 8 2014, 8:48pm

My favorite part was the hamster
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Re: The Epic Journey of B2B_united, the top 100 Event

Postby EboIa on May 8 2014, 8:50pm

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