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Re: TZ Guide 2

Postby Corinthian on Sep 29 2009, 1:36pm

You can still lose your money Right after your ally is bought from you by them stealing the cash back.just saying.
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Re: TZ Guide 2

Postby TZ- on Sep 30 2009, 11:29pm

For prinz
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Re: TZ Guide 2

Postby *KRIONIKS (01) on Oct 2 2009, 8:11am

Great guide TZ. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. I have been using this formula when buying/selling allies for awhile now.

Do you think it might be time for an update to your percentages. The market seems to have changed quite a bit. Finding a decent ally in the -40 is getting very rare.
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Re: TZ Guide 2

Postby *Goliath (01) on Oct 2 2009, 3:51pm

Great guide! I was wondering if you might know how allies strengths are broken down when you go into battle. I'm pretty crtain that you don't gain their full strength, but can't find the percent anywhere. Also, do allies help when questing?
*Goliath (01)
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Re: TZ Guide 2

Postby TZ- on Oct 3 2009, 5:22am

1. The ally strength that you gain battle is the bonus stats you see on the ally screen. The exact mechanism is not known. But troops death breakdown analysis have shown that strength is first computed, then troops death.

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Re: TZ Guide 2

Postby KingHawkeyes on Oct 3 2009, 9:47pm

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Re: TZ Guide 2

Postby *Lindelle (01) on Oct 7 2009, 2:46am

Thanks for these tips, they are helping clear things u a little. I am one of your allies, and am travelling o.k. But felt could be going better. Think this will help.
*Lindelle (01)
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Re: TZ Guide 2

Postby TZ- on Oct 7 2009, 3:09am

Finally, realization lead me to write this section. This section is for all levels, beginners up to the advanced levels and finally of those elites.

Remember TZ guide 1, the land cost strength analysis? We are going to apply it here. It will give a very clear indication of whether or not to buy an ally for use in (battles) and strength.

Land cost analysis
land + building cost / total building strength

ally stats analysis is given at the above section.

Now comes the interesting part. Both ratios can be combined to decided if buying an ally is worthwhile.
*remember I am talking about the values of allies in battle, not trading***

An example. My land cost 60 mil. To build a tier 2 level 3 building on it would cost me a total of 69750000 and give me a strength increase of 600000.
Via TZ guide 1 analysis, the ratio is 116.25.

Now look at an ally. An ally giving (1200) costing 72000 has a ratio of 60 is definitely going to boost me more than that land. (*note 1200 is based on a 300/300/150/150 ally)

so looking at this number, as long as the ratio value of the ally is less than the land analysis ratio, it is time to get the ally.

Hope it helps. (people have been telling me to update the rates for cheap expensive allies). This is the battle cost ally strength ratio analysis.

*A side note this section will be repeated on the battles, spies and other interesting game aspects. (However the last and most interesting guide is not coming out yet until current issues are finalized. Eg strong def towers etc)
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Re: TZ Guide 2

Postby Benny on Oct 7 2009, 3:44am

Do allies give bonus to spy?
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Re: TZ Guide 2

Postby Zangdar on Oct 7 2009, 5:51am

I am was at 50 (so overevaluated) and probably one of the best one for my price (2M) ... (now I am at 4.5 M and my value is 117) :)
Just that it is not working for expensives allies
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