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Re: TZ Guide 2

Postby TZ- on Oct 7 2009, 5:58am

@Benny ally give bonus to spies.

@z : I will still buy. Guess what? My land cost me 600 million, a tier 2 level 3 I build on it yield a ratio of 1000!!!! of course I will buy an expensive ally like you for a ratio of 117.

Eg buying 600 million dollars of ally like you is going to give me more attack, defense and spy bonus than an extra forge. Do the mathematics and u can understand.

Conclusion: what is expensive allies? Does the ratio still applies?
Yes, the high land people needs them. Land is just too costly to justify exploration!!!!
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Re: TZ Guide 2

Postby *Chaodin (01) on Oct 7 2009, 6:16am

ProTip: an really overpriced ally is like a permanent stat booster; you don't have to worry about replacing them every 22 seconds because no one wants to buy them.
Awesome guide TZ, lotta help for an intermediate-noob like me.
*Chaodin (01)
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Re: TZ Guide 2

Postby MiLKiN_MaN on Nov 27 2009, 4:33pm

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Re: TZ Guide 2

Postby Lowjack on Dec 1 2009, 2:22am

I recently heard from a reliable source, that you only really get 2% of the listed bonus from allies on your profile page. Is this the case?
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Re: TZ Guide 2

Postby assassinsquirrel on Dec 24 2009, 8:34am

Bumped for newbies having probs finding it
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Re: TZ Guide 2

Postby TZ- on Feb 27 2010, 5:12am

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Re: TZ Guide 2

Postby *Monkeyking515 (01) on Nov 13 2010, 9:05pm

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Re: TZ Guide 2

Postby Benny on Jan 22 2011, 3:25am

Best of.
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