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Fan Fiction Contest - Prize Included

Postby Benny on Sep 9 2011, 11:51pm


Hi guys :)

Earlier on today i posted a thread,, which is a thread about the kaw loading screen girl. Along with a name, I would like to have a description and any hidden stories or sources of information.

Anything, funny, dramatic ect is fine. Just a hidden story or tale that depicts the character on the loading screen of kaw. Think outside of the box, or at least look in the background of the picture for inspiration. Incase your on a PC heres the picture:


- Prize is to be my 1000th friend on kaw, an honour no player has achieved.
Maybe ill clean your forum section aswell if i feel nice ;)
- Contest ends when i feel like it .. depends if this is popular or not.

Just post it in comments below.
Love, Benny.
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Re: Fan Fiction Contest - Prize Included

Postby Benny on Sep 9 2011, 11:52pm

First off i would like to thank Corinthian for judging with me. He was great assitance and stopped me making the wrong choices lol.
Secondly, to all that didn't win, your post where very entertaining and it was hard to pick a clear winner as players like ignia, cheese and max had put in a lot of effort. It took a good hour to find a winner. Thankyou everyone for your entries and continued support!

Me and cor had decided to divide this into 2 winners. A short entry and long entry.

Short entry winner:iExxx
iExxx wrote:Inanna and The Coalition

Long ago in the land of Mesaria, there was a group of kingdoms numbering in the thousands. These kingdoms coexisted in perfect harmony. This cluster came to be known as The Coalition. The Coalition existed for thousands of years. It was as if it was a single kingdom acting under one power. The Coalition was never challenged, that is, until one kingdom challenged it. This kingdom spawned in the farthest corners of the world, shrouded in darkness, bent on world domination. It called itself Ax'yres. The leader of this kingdom, none other than the ruthless dictator Inanna. She was born evil. She had a hate for all that stood for good and prosperity that came from within. Her kingdom rose under the radar, off in the most distant lands. It grew to a size that could challenge The Coalition and walk away standing.

Then, it happened. The armies of Ax'yres invaded the territories and kingdoms under Coalition control. The first waves were easily successful. The advanced weaponry dominated The Coalitions weaker defenses. All the years of dormancy softened The Coalition. They were no match for Inanna's clockwork demons and dragon riders. The armies pushed onward into the heart of Coalition's territory. Once the resistance was crushed hopelessly, the assassins came in and took the Coalition leaders out. This effectively ended the reign of The Coalition over the lands. Kingdoms broke away and formed their own sects. The more lucrative kingdoms ventured off to find ways to generate income at the expense of nobody. The kingdoms that overcame the armies of Ax'yres sold themselves away as mercenaries. They helped settle disputes and wars between kingdoms. Some kingdoms explored terrain and found creatures not yet discovered. They battled these creatures and were paid handsomely for their troubles. Very few kingdoms places themselves in an overseeing position. They kept the communications between kingdoms clean. As for Inanna and Ax'yres, they were immortalized in history for breaking The Coalition's reign over all and successfully ushered in the era of Kingdoms at War.

Long entry winner: lIIIl__Reg-MidgetTerror__IllII

lIIIl__Reg-MidgetTerror__IllII wrote:The Dance of Inanna

Dumuzi looked at the sky, waiting. He could hear the splash of water in the Euphrates River. The sun was setting, filling the heavens with an unbelievably striking combination of scarlet, orange, and soft tones of pink. Then the sun lowered below the horizon, and darkness embraced the sky, lit only by the moon and the stars. But one star seemed to shine brighter than the others. This was because it wasn’t a star at all, but a planet; Venus. A brutal roar filled the air, and from the planet emerged seven lions, their manes flowing around their fierce, proud expressions like liquid gold. They ran through the sky, pulling a stunning chariot. And inside the chariot, there was a woman whose beauty put the sunset to shame.

She stepped out of the chariot, her flaxen, shoulder-length hair framing an ethereal face. Her splendor was shocking amidst the plain landscape. As she stepped onto the fertile soil, the dirty brown water of the river became crystal clear, and flowers began to grow by her feet. She plucked a snowy white orchid shot with streaks of blood red from the ground and brought it up to her nose, inhaling the sweet aroma.

The wind whispered ancient words… “She weaves a web of confusion and demise for her enemies. She follows a path of war and carnage, leaving havoc in her wake. She enjoys playing games; games of conflict and death. Innana, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, walks among both mortals and gods, forever searching for her home.”

Her voice was like a melody, ringing clearly through the silence of night. “Hello, Dumuzi. It has been so long since I left the heavens and visited the mortal world. How are things in Uruk?”

He bowed, humbled by the goddess’s presence. “Not well, I’m afraid, Innana. Aratta has continued to attack, and they’ve stolen a majority of the few natural resources we have.”

“Rise, Dumuzi,” she ordered, making him stand straight with a motion of her hand. “Are you planning to attack them soon?” She asked, clearly hoping the answer was yes. She could already imagine the metallic scent of blood in the air; hear the anguished shouts of warriors being defeated. Inanna was always wandering, searching for her home, but the battlefield was her home.

Dumuzi didn’t reply at first, and instead stared at the ground. He watched the water in the river rush by for a while, and with a sigh, answered the goddess. “We have already tried to attack, and failed. They killed some of our best warriors, and left many more with fatal injuries. Our army will not be ready for battle anytime soon. I am sorry, Queen of Heaven and Earth; we have failed you.”

No mortal dared look Inanna in the eye, so the color of her eyes was a mystery. But when she was furious, she compels one to look into her eyes, which had turned completely cold and black. Dumuzi stared into her eyes, fearing for his life. “Why did I not receive prayers for the battle?” she hissed. “Have your warriors forgotten the gods and goddesses that gave them everything, and can easily take everything away?”

All color disappeared form the king’s face, and he struggled to think of a reply that would please Inanna. “Of course not! We had a feast in your honor the day before the battle, and sacrificed our best animals to you.”

Apparently satisfied, Inanna relaxed and Dumuzi quickly looked away from her face. “Well, I suppose I can help heal your injured warriors… and maybe teach them some useful strategies.”

“Thank you, Innana. You will not regret this decision,” he promised, filled with new hope.

Innana followed Dumuzi through the dusty streets of Uruk, stone structures on either side of her, aware of the many citizens looking at her. People parted to make way for the king of Uruk and the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Dumuzi led her to the homes of the injured warriors, and with a wave of her hand, she healed their injuries. She received presents from grateful wives and children; flowers, jewelry, and a few children drew pictures on papyrus. Many families invited her to eat dinner with them to show their gratitude, but she declined. There were men with a variety of grievances; angry red gashes on their faces, arms, legs, limbs sticking out at odd angles, even tiny cuts where poison had entered their bloodstreams and was slowly, but efficiently, killing them. Sadly, she arrived too late to save some of the more seriously wounded warriors, and her sister, Erekashigal, would never allow her to bring them back from the underworld.

After she restored the last man, Dumuzi assembled the warriors for training. Innana got straight to business. “Dumuzi tells me you attempted to attack Aratta. And you failed miserably. What do you have to say for yourselves?” she demanded. Her words might have seemed harsh, but this was war. There was no time for compassion in combat. The men bowed their heads, ashamed. “You all know how war works, I’m sure,” she continued. “You need to win, no matter at what cost. Today, your new training begins.”

“Rule number one in war; have no mercy!” her voice echoed throughout the clearing. “One second of hesitation from either side is enough to get killed. You must always be aware of your surroundings.” She continued, describing various battle strategies and formations, such as the shield wall. Her bloodlust consumed the men, and soon, they were all cheering, shouting that they wanted to fight. She developed a formation which consisted of a shield wall and men armed with swords in front, with missile troops behind them, and horsemen on the sides. They practiced this strategy for many days, repeating it again and again, and received sharp slaps each time a mistake was made.
Finally, Innana decided they were ready, and led them to battle.

Inanna snapped her fingers and her sword, Lust, appeared in her hand. She wore skimpy armor, which barely covered the areas that needed to be covered. This was enough for her. In her left hand, she held a round shield, and in her right, she held Lust, which glowed blue with her power. The army marched through mountains and valleys to Aratta, followed by Enki, the god of culture, who flew overhead in the form of a dragon. He had come to watch Innana and take her away if anything went wrong, though she was sure nothing would. Some men carried bows, and some held javelins. A few rode horses. The men surrounded the city, arranged in the shape of an eight-pointed star. They were prepared for a battle to the death.

The Lord of Aratta emerged from his castle, summoned by the commotion. A frantic citizen ran up to him, and informed him of the army surrounding the city.

The warriors of Aratta donned their armor, picked up their weapons, and marched to the outskirts of the city, ready to defend it. If they were shocked to see the goddess of war leading their enemies, they did not show it.

The goddess’s voice boomed through the city, “Are you ready for the dance of Inanna?” As if on signal, the two armies clashed, knowing only one side could win; only one could live.

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Re: Fan Fiction Contest - Prize Included

Postby -Lupus- on Sep 10 2011, 12:15am

Sounds cool Benny! I will get to work!
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Re: Fan Fiction Contest - Prize Included

Postby Desaad on Sep 10 2011, 12:31am

probs will get it on tonight
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Re: Fan Fiction Contest - Prize Included

Postby lIlIlIlI-CoS-NiTRO-IlIlIlIl on Sep 10 2011, 12:46am

I already am your friend, benny.
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Re: Fan Fiction Contest - Prize Included

Postby -Lupus- on Sep 10 2011, 1:01am

Innannas Final Stand

Small, misty clouds of breath curled up into the cool night sky. I look around, warriors surround me, my warriors. I have to keep these men alive. 1000 battle-hardened vikings at my command.
As we rounded the final corner of Mount Vormont, a ​ shell sounded in the distance. A spray of blood splattered my shirt, Theodor, our ironsmith, dropped onto the hard, rocky ground on which we stand.
"Defensive Positions" I shout over the ​ Shells cries.
My men crouch, sheilds up. I call to the medic, "Douglas, Assist!"
Douglas raced over and began to examine theodors wounds.
"Dead" The medium-sized viking pronounced to the small amount of vikings in hearing range.
"Inanna, Hostile scouts on the rocks ahead, unarmed, they dont know we have seen them."
I was proud of my 8-man group of scouts. The best in the kingdom. Spotted everything.
"Keep low, continue along this straight, take out the lookouts on the east tower. If their not fighting our main army in the north."
"Yes, Inanna"
"Thank you, Timothy, you may proceed"
We watched our scouts go ahead, while we stayed back on the side of the road. A burly viking, Jamain, i think, dragged Theodors body underneath some shrubs, being careful not to spill much blood. Blood Hounds were common this season. A second ​ shell sounded, that was our signal from our main strike force in the north.
Another burly viking, i forget his name, shouted our war cry. We all copied him and marched towards the warlocks camp.

The camp in sight, we slowed down. An arrow whizzed past my head.
"Archers! Duck Low!" Another viking was shot, he staggered backwards, screaming in agony. The arrow was cleanly through his chest.
Without hesitation, i drew my dagger, dropped onto his chest and slit his throat. A few men turned away.
It wasnt a nice sight, though we couldnt risk to lose anymore soldiers from a screaming near-dead one.

We kept behind our sheilds, only rising to have shots at the hostile archers. I trod on something lying on the road. I sprained my ankle and fell. I cursed as i tried to get up. My ankle gave out again and my head landed on the lump. I realised what it was.
It was davis, our second in command scout. I cursed again.
"Havent heard a lady swear like that for a while" Douglas said cheekily.
"concentrate on our mission, Douglas" I told him bitterly.
A silouhette fell from one of the towers. We had taken out one of their archers. Soon after the rest dropped. We continued up the path. Archers lit up their arrows, and fired into the camp, over the tall mud and brick walls. More dead bodies along the path, more of our scouts dead bodies.
We were about to launch a full asualt on the warlocks, which had been terrorizing our kingdom for years.
I was the leader of a small army, going to hit the camp from the east as our main strike force hit the enemy front on; from the north.

We got to the wall and started climbing and smashing. Massive Broadsword crumbled small sections of the wall. Another lump lyed on the floor. It was moving slightly. It caled out to me,
"Inanna" it called weakly. I ignored it, thinking it was just another soldier that had fallen from the wall.
"Inanna" The voice called again, even weaker.
"What is it, soldier?"
"Its me, Timothy" The voice was even smaller and weaker than before. I rushed to Timothys side.
"How did the scouts die?"
"Archers. We didnt even see them"
"DOUGLAS! ASSIST!" Douglas raced over, applying some sort of liquid to timothys gaping hole in his chest.
"I will take care of him, Inanna, Go ahead"
"Good luck, Inanna." Timothy said, barely audible.
"Thank you, soldiers. Best of wishes to you both as well."

The wall was crushed now, Though the Warlocks had definately noticed us by now. Another scouts body lie on the path. I looked at the arrow embedded in his rib cage. It was in quite shallowly. I looked away, though my eyes darted back to it as i recognised the Viking insignia on its tail.
Suicide wasnt rare during war. I thought little of it.
Lots of fights were underway inside the remnants of the wall now. Everyone of the warlocks had 3 of our vikings onto it though. I was happy with these odds. More were bound to come though.
Injured soldiers lie on the ground, also injured Warlocks, which I killed. A burly Viking lay dead on the ground. A small Warlock blade deeply plunged in his neck. I pulled the blade out. It was nicely weighted. A warlock scouts secondary weapon. I kept the knife, and walked towards a viking, with two Warlocks trying to get in behind the big warrior. I grabbed one of the Warlocks from behind, sliting its neck. The other turned and stared at me. It threw a small 8-bladed star at me. I dropped to the ground, i looked up to see a Warlock, with its knife about to come down into my chest. Before that happened, though. a long broadsword blade went through the Warlocks chest. The viking that i assisted had saved my life. Matthew i think hid name was.

Thanks for reading! I will finish the story off later! I have to go now :( Cya!
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Re: Fan Fiction Contest - Prize Included

Postby Benny on Sep 10 2011, 1:21am

thanks, its good!
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Re: Fan Fiction Contest - Prize Included

Postby *NecroHyphen (01) on Sep 10 2011, 2:41am


House wife

She loves to cook so much that she fought off a zombie invasion by herself to get a brand new chopping board.

Deadly and silent, the way a good house wife should be 
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Re: Fan Fiction Contest - Prize Included

Postby *NecroHyphen (01) on Sep 10 2011, 2:44am

The sword is a mystical butchers knife and the shield transforms back into her chopping board...
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Re: Fan Fiction Contest - Prize Included

Postby Croc on Sep 10 2011, 3:50am


The woman, only known as "forum", has graced the loading screen since KaW was played by one person. She has also been fighting off the dragon, Who is known as "Game".

The war was soon about to be a loss to the forums, with their grand soldiers quitting. But then the forums
made a last stand. They created Moderators and recruited new people to fight for the forums.
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