Kingdoms At War: The Story (Part 19)

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Kingdoms At War: The Story (Part 19)

Postby sean893 on Nov 3 2015, 6:22pm


During the other semi-final of the Season 1 Clan Knockout Tournament, it was the Flying Bombers against The Armoured Os-wers, which the Flying Bombers have won and the opposing clan eliminated.

At last, the matchup for the Finals of the Tournament is now shown on the Tournament Info as well as the War Member Roster for spectators:

The Fourth Prefecture


Flying Bombers

The Fourth Prefecture’s War Member Roster

1: Tekken716(Conqueror Class Kingdom): 7,281,902/5,478,352/1,015,000/1,015,000 (M, 3 years KA) Life= 422/422. (14,790,254 cs)

2: Minho256 (Conquerer Class Kingdom): 2,718,450/2,678,550/415,000/450,200(M, 1 year KA). Life= 258/258. (6,262,200 cs)

3: Hioki567(Conqueror Class Kingdom): 1,537,600/1,291,400/50,500/50,500(M). Life= 139/139. (2,930,000 cs)

4: Cherry516(Medical Class Kingdom): 457,500/419,200/27,100/34,000(F, 3 years KA). Life= 125/125. (937,800 cs)

5: TheRight33 (Conqueror Class Kingdom): 1,512,800/1,048,174/256,000/256,000(M, 1 year KA). Life= 259/259. (3,072,974 cs)

6: Jun_Matachi (Conqueror Class Kingdom): 1,012,500/926,700/505,000/505,000(M) Life= 184/184. (2,949,200 cs)

7: TomCheenJun (Defender Class Kingdom): 581,000/1,751,200/102,500/102,500(M) Life= 395/395.
(2,537,200 cs)

8: Gary_The_Great(Conqueror Class Kingdom): 6,215,250/5,195,500/910,000/1,025,000(M, 1 year KA). Life = 261/261. (13,345,250 cs)

9: Danny_Triker(Defender Class Kingdom): 2,432,106/5,047,351/1,017,000/1,765,000.(M, 1 year KA). Life=569/569 (10,261,457 cs)

10: Ben681 (Defender Class Kingdom): 1,572,580/4,157,000/567,000/785,000(M, 1 year KA). Life= 523/523. (7,081,580 cs)

Flying Bomber’s War Member Roster

Organized by Most Powerful

1: -I-AM-A-Crazy-Bomber7-(Defender Class Kingdom): 4,553,801/4,553,801/2,785,158/3,201,404 (15,093,864 cs, Cr7)

2: FB_Azguard18_FB(Defender Class Kingdom): 60,200/60,400/6,513,308/6,513,308(13,147,216 cs, Cr8

3: PillowGuy(Defender Class Kingdom): 8,031,407/6,513,609/105,000/105,000 (14,755,016 cs, Cr10)

4: redneck_091(Defender Class Kingdom): 4,045,107/3,817,205/1,127,605/2,304,107 (11,294,024 cs, Cr 17)

5: FB_FlyingTwillightBomber_FB(Defender Class Kingdom): 1,210,607/2,304,114/1,015,250/1,225,250 (5,755,221 cs, Cr 55)

6: FB_IBombtheEntireKingdom_FB (Conquerer Class Kingdom): 2,714,076/2,319,204/458,000/458,000 (5,949,280 cs, Cr 56)

7: FB_ZeldaBoy_FB (Defender Class Kingdom)
2,205,107/1,916,503/505,000/557,000 (5,183,610 cs, Cr 58)

8: -I-BombToVictory-I- (Defender Class Kingdom)
805,106/3,176,804/126,600/1,217,800 (5,326,310 cs, Cr 60)

9: HeavenlyMissingyou18 (Monarch Class Kingdom)
1,716,803/1,805,315/424,000/424,000 (4,370,118 cs, Cr 62)

10: FB_MedicalBomberHealer_FB (Medical Class Kingdom)
125,417/102,506/92,850/92,850 (413,623 cs, Cr 77)

The prize for the clan emerging as the champion are finally revealed.

Season 1 Clan Knockout Tournament Rewards

Red Banner of the Merciless
(0.03% Attack/24 hours, 0.01% Defense/24 hours, 0.03% Spy Attack/24 hours, 0.01% Spy Defense/24 hours)

Jarl’s Axe(Weapons)
(40,500,750 Attack, 27,600,000 Defense, 30,335,000 Spy Attack, 22,254,107 Spy Defense)
SPECIAL EFFECT: When equipped, does an extra 15~60 Life Damage

Jarl’s Fireplate (Armor)
(37,305,700 Attack, 22,407,000 Defense, 24,175,000 Spy Attack, 18,400,600 Spy Defense)
SPECIAL EFFECT: Upon attacking or assassinating a player, there is a 15% chance to provide a debuff effect to the defender, losing 20% raw troop defense stat for 2 hours.

Blue Banner of the Survivor
(0.01% Attack/24 hours, 0.03% Defense/24 hours, 0.01% Spy Attack/24 hours, 0.03% Spy Defense/24 hours)

Jotun’s Icesword (Weapons)
(16,205,400 Attack, 47,500,000 Defense, 9,175,000 Spy Attack, 18,400,600 Spy Defense)
SPECIAL EFFECT: When equipped, does an extra 10~20 Life Damage.

Jotun’s Iceplate (Armor)
(17,475,000 Attack, 48,500,000 Defense, 7,875,000 Spy Attack, 30,305,300 Spy Defense)
SPECIAL EFFECT: Upon successfully defending an attack or assassination, there is a 5% chance to increase your raw troop defense stat by 20% for 2 hours.

Golden War Banner of the Monarch
(0.02% Attack/24 hours, 0.02% Defense/24 hours, 0.02% Spy Attack/24 hours, 0.02% Spy Defense/24 hours)

Kathel’s Echo (Weapons)
(33,500,000 Attack, 33,500,000 Defense, 25,800,000 Spy Attack, 25,800,000 Spy Defense)
SPECIAL EFFECT: Upon attacking or assassinating as well as being attacked, there is a 5% chance to provide increased troop/spy regen by 3% for 2 hours!

Kathel’s Batteplate Of Kings (Armor)
(33,500,000 Attack, 33,500,000 Defense, 17,500,000 Spy Attack, 17,500,000 Spy Defense)
SPECIAL EFFECT: Provides an extra 50% Plunder Bonus on ALL ACTIONS when equipped.

White Healing Banner Of Life
(+5 Extra Life regeneration Per 24 Hours,
Increases Health and Life Crystal Production on ALL medical buildings by 25%,
Increases Gold Production on ALL Gold Mines by 25%.)

Golden Ring of Healing
SPECIAL EFFECT: Upon using a Crystal on a clan member while in clan, there is a 10% chance to heal every other clan member’s army by 10%

10 Health Crystals

Season 1 Clan Knockout Tournament Gold Medal Achievement
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Re: Kingdoms At War: The Story (Part 19)

Postby sean893 on Nov 3 2015, 6:23pm

12 June 1976, 9:00 PM
Finals of the Season 1 Clan Knockout Tournament

Tekken716: Cease fire.
Gary_The_Great: Cease fire.
Yusuke811: Oh my god!
Minho256: Did we win??
Hioki567: It’s a deadlock.

And after a few moments later, the final scoreboard comes up

The Fourth Prefecture

Plunder Earned: 14,305,919,440
Players Remaining: 10

Total attacks won: 406
Total steals won: 208
Total scouts won: 165
Total assassinates won: 28

Flying Bombers

Plunder Earned: 14,417,691,317
Players Remaining: 9

Total attacks won: 385
Total steals won: 387
Total scouts won: 104
Total assassinates won: 25


With that, a red update shows up in the World Chat.

**UPDATE**: Flying Bombers has won the Season 1 Clan Knockout Tournament, defeating The Fourth Prefecture in war!

**CLAN UPDATE**:Your clan has lost the war against Flying Bombers. Your clan has been eliminated out of the tournament. Members who participated in this war will have their Life fully regenerated.

The Fourth Prefecture’s War Member Roster

10/10 Alive/Active War Members

1: Tekken716
Plunder Earned: 5,291,705,312
Successful Actions: 145
Knockouts: 0
Life Remaining: 275/422

2: Gary_The_Great
Plunder Earned: 2,785,099,315
Successful Actions: 104
Knockouts: 0
Life Remaining: 116/261

3: Hioki567
Plunder Earned: 1,807,494,344
Successful Actions: 220
Knockouts: 0
Life Remaining: 139/139

4: Minho256
Plunder Earned: 1,854,904,008
Successful Actions: 87
Knockouts: 0
Life Remaining: 97/258

5: Jun_Matachi
Plunder Earned: 1,216,705,008
Successful Actions: 77
Knockouts: 1
Life Remaining: 153/184

6: Ben681
Plunder Earned: 585,148,803
Successful Actions: 56
Knockouts: 0
Life Remaining: 397/523

7: TomCheenJun
Plunder Earned: 471,034,228
Successful Actions: 41
Knockouts: 0
Life Remaining: 395/395

8: TheRight33
Plunder Earned: 161,775,940
Successful Actions: 59
Knockouts: 0
Life Remaining: 232/259

9: Danny_Triker
Plunder Earned: 131,506,227
Successful Actions: 11
Knockouts: 0
Life Remaining: 145/569

10: Cherry516
Plunder Earned: 546,255
Successful Actions: 7
Knockouts: 0
Life Remaining: 125/125

Flying Bomber’s War Member Roster

9/10 Alive/Active War Members

1: PillowGuy
Plunder Earned: 4,015,159,079
Successful Actions: 256
Knockouts: 0
Life Remaining: 435/442

2: -I-AM-A-Crazy-Bomber7-
Plunder Earned: 3,652,991,212
Successful Actions: 171
Knockouts: 0
Life Remaining: 276/462

3: redneck_091
Plunder Earned: 3,201,806,523
Successful Actions: 148
Knockouts: 0
Life Remaining: 105/347

4: FB_IBombtheEntireKingdom_FB
Plunder Earned: 2,808,333,902
Successful Actions: 170
Knockouts: 0
Life Remaining: 86/132

Plunder Earned: 323,407,339
Successful Actions: 44
Knockouts: 0
Life Remaining: 36/216

6: FB_ZeldaBoy_FB
Plunder Earned: 237,199,205
Successful Actions: 14
Knockouts: 0
Life Remaining: 258/258

7: HeavenlyMissingyou18
Plunder Earned: 178,205,886
Successful Actions: 19
Knockouts: 0
Life Remaining: 185/185

8: -I-BombToVictory-I-
Plunder Earned: 168,209,226
Successful Actions: 57
Knockouts: 0
Life Remaining: 77/206

9: FB_MedicalBomberHealer_FB
Plunder Earned: 588,171
Successful Actions: 22
Knockouts: 0
Life Remaining: 100/100

10: FB_Azguard18_FB(Dead)
Plunder Earned: 0
Successful Actions: 0
Life Remaining: 0/515 (Ko’ed 26 seconds after start of war)

The Fourth Prefecture: Clan Chat

Minho256: We…lost.
Tekken716: Lost by 112m score.
Cherry516: Yeah..we lost. 
Minho256: So. Now that we lost, we’re gonna come back empty-handed?
Hioki567: Sorry to say Minho but yes, just an achievement. No rewards. It’s a silver medal achievement by the way.
Hioki567: But guys. Allow me to express my feelings towards this.
Gary_The_Great: What is it, Hioki?
Hioki567: We gave our best on this war. None of us has cut slack on any moments. In fact, I’m glad we, as a whole clan managed to come all the way here, to the Finals.
Hioki567: All of you have made this happen. Not just me alone. All of you. And none of you gave up throughout the war.
Hioki567: In the end we all gave the enemy clan a good fight, I believe it. And you should feel the same too.
Hioki567: Even if we come home empty-handed apart from an achievement…it signifies that we have participated, and made it all the way to the Finals as our achievements speak.
Hioki567: We didn’t come to this tournament for nothing. So be happy and proud to be a part of The Fourth Prefecture. I couldn’t have gotten a better team than with you.
Cherry516: Hioki. :D
Tekken716: What you just said is very inspiring, Hioki. I totally agree with you, we have put on a great fight against the Bombers.
Yusuke811: All of a sudden I feel so happy as well! I’m glad to have gotten the silver medal achievement!
Minho256: I feel bad to lose. But now I feel like warring again. I don’t know why, but I want to war again.
Minho256: Even though I burnt my xtals only to lose.
Cherry516: Minho, you are inspired too <3
Minho256: No not really
Cherry516: Admit it!
Minho256: Okay, fine. I’m motivated.
Tekken716: :lol:
Gary_The_Great: :lol:
Yusuke811: :lol:
TheRight33: :lol:
Tekken716: Right, since when did you pop up again?
Cherry516: You lurker!
Yusuke811: :lol:
TheRight33: I saw the whole speech. Very touching indeed, I must agree.
Hioki567: :)
Hioki567: Thank you all for listening. I’m happy to have all of you again.
Hioki567: Now shall we go to the Awards Ceremony? Kaw will be making a big announcement any minute now!
Cherry516: I’m ready <3
Minho256: Yes!
Tekken716: I’m gonna say…Yes.
Yusuke811: YES YES YES!
TheRight33: Yes
Hioki567: Let’s go!

12 June 1976, 9:30 PM. The Awards Ceremony.

All warring members of three clans received a message in private by kaw requesting to look at the World Chat for that kaw will be appearing shortly.

kaw: Attention, players.
kaw: I will now be starting the Awards Ceremony for the Season 1 Clan Knockout Tournament.
xXx_Hiller_xXx: Whoa kaw finally appeared!
kaw: Before that, I would like to give all of you a brief overview of this tournament. For those of you who haven’t know.
HubridTheMagician: Hello kaw!
Cherry516: Yay, a dev appeared in the World Chat!
MrNoobWarrior: lol kaw
kaw: As such, I would also like to request a moment of silence.

1 minute later..

kaw: The tournament was made for 32 clans, which I have selected to participate on this event.
kaw: Each clan has to fight against one another through a 2-hour system knockout war to knock each other out. Eventually there will be one last clan standing.
kaw: 3 hours and 30 minutes for Semi-Finals and Finals.
kaw: All members of the warring clans that has participated in at least 1 war will be given the participation achievement.
kaw: Having said that, I am now thrilled to announce the champion of the clan, as well as the clan that got 2nd and 3rd place.
Awesome145: Oooh, sounds great! Which clan is winning?

At this point, a crowd of 22 players watching the World Chat is now 86 players, with the developer appearing at the scene.

kaw: The clan that finishes in third place goes to No.1! Please give them a round of applause!

The bronze medallist achievement is now appearing to each and every clan member that participating at least 1 war on the tournament for No.1

Ili_TheFanofThunders_ili: Congratulations to the bronze Medalists No.1 *claps*
MisterLoser19: Congrats!
Cherry516: Congrats to all members of No.1!
Kylie_446: Thank you so much everyone and kaw. It’s an honor :)
Owen-Nash17: Congrats No.1!
Souta_Tonoki: Congratulations on 3rd place No.1!
Jensen17: Thank you all and kaw. I felt flattered.
IYIAIMIAIMIOITIO_NumberOne: Thanks all and kaw! I will let all the other clannies know!

1 minute later..

kaw: The clan that finishes in second place, goes to The Fourth Prefecture!

Achievement Unlocked: Season 1 Clan Knockout Tournament Silver Medalist.

Ili_TheFanofThunders_ili: Congrats to the Silver Medalists, TFP! *Double claps*
Jensen17: Congrats to The Fourth Prefecture!
FB_IBombtheEntireKingdom_FB: Congrats! Especially to Tekken, a really big fighter, well deserved! :)
Souta_Tonoki: Congrats!
Cherry516: Thank you <3
Tekken716: Thanks Bomb. And you too, great war.
MisterLoser19: Congrats again to TFP! Well fought on both sides.
Hioki567: Thanks everyone. I never had a war that is more fun than all the wars of this Season 1 tournament.
Kylie_446: Congrats to TFP, and specially congrats to Hioki. Nice fight, I really am surprised. :D
Hioki567: You fought hard too Kylie, very brave of you attempting troop hits on me while I was open :P

kaw: And now to the clan that has just been emerged champion, is..
kaw: Flying Bombers! Please give them a big round of applause to celebrate their glorious victory!
Ili_TheFanofThunders_ili: Congratulations to the champion Flying Bombers! *Triple claps*
Jensen17: Congrats to Flying Bombers! Well fought and well deserved!
Yusuke811: Congratulations champions!
FB_IBombtheEntireKingdom_FB: Thanks all
-I-AM-A-Crazy-Bomber7-: Thanks! Proud to be a champion! Just got my rewards!
kaw: With that, Season 1 Clan Knockout Tournament has finally come to an end. Thank you to all players for giving the needed moment of silence.
kaw: As a token of reward, all players will receive a Free Health Crystal when they refresh the game.
MisterLoser19: Ooooh a free xtal!
Yusuke811: THANK YOU DEVS!
Owen-Nash17: Thanks for the Health Crystals devs!

After a dozen more users said thanks for the free Health Crystal, kaw didn’t appear anymore after that.

MisterLoser19: Bye kaw, I hope I can see you pop up again
Souta_Tonoki: See ya next time kaw, thanks for the free xtal again!
Tekken716: Thanks for the free crystal devs.
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Re: Kingdoms At War: The Story (Part 19)

Postby sean893 on Nov 3 2015, 6:23pm

11:00 AM.
Hideout of the Player Killers.

???: Looks like Hioki is really trying hard to win, but ultimately he lost.
???: Kazuo, shouldn’t we take action on killing Hioki now?
???: No. If we decide to do it now, means we’ll be dropping build. He’s not even 15mcs yet, which is outside our hit range.
???: Ha ha ha ha…no matter how the situation is, Hioki and his clannmates are powerless against us anyways.
???: You may not feel the nightmare today, but you will feel it someday…where all your time and effort put into this game is put to waste.
???: Daiki, could you stop it?
???: Sorry Kazuo. I’m just pointing out how powerless he is every single day.
???: We are the player killers. Our job here is to attack anyone who is alive and is at least 15 mcs in this game, to zero their life.
???: I know how you feel but it is not very smart to drop build just to kill Hioki. Other players will then be able to kill you in this way.
???: And it’s not very smart to hit the leaderboard players either, because I am sure they have enough life to sustain our hits and act before it’s too late.
???: As #17 in overall lb, which I believe no one will ever check that position. They will most likely check #1 to #5.
???: Yuuji’s still #1 strongest in the world. But look at his wall, full of negative comments from players all around the world. Everyone hates him it seems.
???: Leave Yuuji as well, for that is his own business. It’s our job to stay low and kill all 15+mcs players alive possible.
???: So Kazuo, what should we do about Hioki?
???: We’ll wait and see for now. You two shall remain being hansels for the meantime. Spy action assassinations must NOT fail to keep our shadow presence.
???: Ha ha ha ha ha…The world will soon fall and we will be the strongest players of all! For eternity!
???: HA HA HA HA HA... :twisted: :twisted:

The Fourth Prefecture:
The Destroyer: Phase ¼, Lifeforce 85%, Time Left: 11:05:35
The Clan Chat

Yusuke811: After all these wars, I’m feeling hungry once again!
Tekken716: Yusuke, wanna eat some sashimi later?
Yusuke811: I’ll have some tempura along with some sushi in a bento box later during lunchtime! Thanks for letting me know!
Tekken716: Have fun eating. Don’t forget to say Iddadakimasu when it’s time.
Yusuke811: Hai!

Punishing_Driver has requested to join your clan.
Punishing_Driver has joined your clan.

UPDATE** Thorak’s rocky exterior crumbles off, revealing a hardened metallic body.

Hioki567: There’s not enough time.
Minho256: Huh? The eb has 11 hours left..
Hioki567: I mean, there’s not enough time for us to grow to become build complete players and face off the player killers.
Hioki567: And even if we try, we will get detected and killed anyway.
Gary_The_Great: You’re right, Hioki.
Tekken716: So, what should we do now?

Everyone went in silence for a moment..

Cherry516: Maybe we can try to initiate Kangen The Punisher: The Last Stand? According to it’s history no one has ever completed it.
Minho256: Cherry, this battle is an epic battle that returns incoming hits. Are you asking for us to get killed?
Cherry516: No…but I’m curious. Since no one has ever did it, we don’t know what the end rewards are.
Tekken716: Very true.
Hioki567: That reminds me. If we can somehow complete that epic battle, we may find something that will help us against the killers..
Minho256: I believe the rewards won’t help.
Gary_The_Great: No no no, it’s a suicide mission for sure. I’d leave if you’d ever initiate this.
Cherry516: But..we don’t know for sure if the rewards were worth it for this eb..
Hioki567: I’d say give it a go. Maybe that eb can be our only way to help us against the killers. I don’t know for sure, but I’ll risk anything, even if my life is zeroed if that helps us become significantly stronger.
Tekken716: Hioki, allow me to point out that we only have 22 members in our clan. Do you think there’s enough firepower?
Cherry516: No. Not enough. I’ve been on one epic battle before on other clan and after 24 of my clannies got killed my remaining clannies were forced to call a forfeit on the eb.
Minho256: Damn it!
Tekken716: Hold on a second, someone’s following me. It’s the bomb the entire kingdom guy from the Flying Bombers.
Minho256: Okay.

6 minutes later…

Tekken716: He asked me if we could become allies in clans. He also told us how well all of us fought in the war.
Hioki567: That sounds like a great idea.
Minho256: Allied clans?
Cherry516: What do you think?
TomCheenJun: Having an allied clan means having more friends, and that also means more firepower. I will definitely say yes in my opinion.
Hioki567: I would like to discuss with that player on private message too. May I, Tekken?
Tekken716: Go ahead.

Hioki attempts to follow FB_IBombtheEntireKingdom_FB and in a flash, was followed back. Then, a private message was triggered.

FB_IBombtheEntireKingdom_FB: Hey there. Just wanted to let you know that you’re awesome at the last war.
Hioki567: Thank you. You are a permanent member of Flying Bombers, I presume?
FB_IBombtheEntireKingdom_FB: Yes, and I am an admin as well. I have just discussed with your clan owner Tekken if we could become allies together. I hope you will agree with our proposal.
Hioki567: That’s very nice of you, and I will surely accept this. I have also just noticed that your clan has 78 members. Quite a big number there.
FB_IBombtheEntireKingdom_FB: Yeah, and we have a more solid epic battle record. We usually do Hauntings just like yours, however we usually complete it in 1 hour or probably less. :)
Hioki567: I heard from my clannmates during our war in the Finals, that some of you didn’t enable life damage.
FB_IBombtheEntireKingdom_FB: We have a strategy for that actually. If we were to ko you early in this war, it would actually bring in a disadvantage to us that we have one less target to hit. :)
Hioki567: I see. My clannies did the same thing, we wouldn’t want to ko your members too early too, except there’s one hansel of yours got koed. That we really need to so we couldn’t get assassinated.
FB_IBombtheEntireKingdom_FB: Haha :D

And the conversation goes on and on. The Fourth Prefecture and Flying Bombers has finally became allies with each other, as Flying Bombers wrote TFP’s name as part of the new ally list on their clan page.

Throughout the days, Hioki told them about the player killers and how he would like to take action, and about Kangen The Punisher. Most of the Flying Bombers disagreed at first, but after some negotiations regarding the Kangen and to save the world, over time they have finally decided to accept initiating it, for they all do not wish to be sat on by the player killers as most of them fear reaching 15 million combined stat.

5 days later, many of the Flying Bomber members gathered at The Fourth Prefecture and this will mark a the first time TFP will initiate
Kangen The Punisher: The Last Stand.


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Re: Kingdoms At War: The Story (Part 19)

Postby sean893 on Nov 3 2015, 6:24pm


Hioki567's username: Main Character
Tekken716's username: Clan Owner of The Fourth Prefecture
Cherry516's color: Lead Female
Orange: Hioki567's notifications and private messages
Yellow Username: Opposing Warring Players of The Fourth Prefecture

If you want to give a feedback, you can do so on this thread:

Kingdoms At War: The Story(Discussion/Feedback Thread)

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