Kingdoms At War: The Story(Part 14)

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Kingdoms At War: The Story(Part 14)

Postby sean893 on Feb 17 2015, 3:39pm

Part 14

Blue Thunders
The Fourth Prefecture


Blue Thunder’s Plunder Earned: 994,961,669

War Roster

Total Attacks Won: 43
Total Steals Won: 11
Total Scouts Won: 312
Total Assassinations Won: 95
Total Knockouts: 2/10

1: BT-IamBlue-BT (Dead)
Plunder Earned: 387,146,195
Successful Actions: 147
Knockouts: 1

2: TheBawer(Dead)
Plunder Earned: 285,879,277
Successful Actions: 56
Knockouts: 1

3: Husky148(Dead)
Plunder Earned: 107,954,233
Successful Actions: 76
Knockouts: 0

4: AndreSalvador(Dead)
Plunder Earned: 75,148,493
Successful Actions: 26
Knockouts: 0

5: MisterLoser19(Dead)
Plunder Earned: 45,196,418
Successful Actions: 55
Knockouts: 0

6: Ili_TheFanofThunders_ili (Dead)
Plunder Earned: 41,581,149
Successful Actions: 17
Knockouts: 0

7: Owen-Nash17(Dead)
Plunder Earned: 32,954,417
Successful Actions: 48
Knockouts: 0

8: BT_TerrenceLeonard_BT (Dead)
Plunder Earned: 11,581,959
Successful Actions: 22
Knockouts: 0

9: LondonFighter841(Dead)
Plunder Earned: 7,519,528
Successful Actions: 9
Knockouts: 0

10: BT_Hunkins52_BT (Dead)
Plunder Earned: 0
Successful Actions: 5
Knockouts: 0


The Fourth Prefecture’s Plunder Earned: 7,246,182,370

War Roster

Total Attacks Won: 186
Total Steals Won: 49
Total Scouts Won: 253
Total Assassinations Won: 124
Total Knockouts: 9/10

1: Tekken716
Plunder Earned: 2,541,859,945
Successful Actions: 134
Knockouts: 4

2: Hioki567
Plunder Earned: 1,009,489,112
Successful Actions: 117
Knockouts: 2

3: Gary_The_Great
Plunder Earned: 1,519,425,776
Successful Actions: 97
Knockouts: 1

4: Jun_Matachi
Plunder Earned: 971,518,502
Successful Actions: 113
Knockouts: 1

5: Minho256
Plunder Earned: 903,197,248
Successful Actions: 83
Knockouts: 1

6: Takashi_Kun(Dead)
Plunder Earned: 287,192,475
Successful Actions: 32
Knockouts: 0

7: TomCheenJun
Plunder Earned: 13,499,312
Successful Actions: 27
Knockouts: 0

8: Cherry516
Plunder Earned: 0
Successful Actions: 6
Knockouts: 0

9: Yusuke811(Dead)
Plunder Earned: 0
Successful Actions: 3
Knockouts: 0

10: Ben681
Plunder Earned: 0
Successful Actions: 0
Knockouts: 0
3 June 1976, 6:00 PM
The Fourth Prefecture: Clan Chat

Jun_Matachi: We…won!
Yusuke811: Hooray!! We just won our first clan war!
TomCheenJun: WE did it! Victory!!
Tekken716: We’re advancing to the next round.
Yusuke811: Hioki, are you there?

Two minutes later..

Yusuke811: Hioki is not here!!
Minho256: That’s weird. He usually comes and chats around.
Cherry516: Maybe he went in for a few minutes break?
Yusuke811: All right!
Jun_Matachi: Come to think of it, today’s war isn’t that bad. In fact, it was so easy!
TomCheenJun: Agreed!
Gary_The_Great: :lol:

Meanwhile, Hioki567 wrote on TheBawer and BT-IamBlue-BT’s wall. In their wall, it read:

Hioki567: You guys made a very good fight. It was a great match. I wish you all the best in your future Kawing days.

Back at the Clan Chat…

Yusuke811: Hioki! Are you there??
Jun_Matachi: Yusuke, why are you looking for Hioki all of a sudden?
Yusuke811: Because Hioki used to be with us every single second on the Clan chat!!
Cherry516: I’ll go check on him.
Tekken716: Perhaps you should try to follow him?
Yusuke811: All right!

Yusuke811 is now following you! Click to view your follower.

Private Message between Hioki567 and Cherry516

Cherry516: Hey!
Hioki567: Hello Cherry. 
Cherry516: What’s wrong?

Hioki567: Nothing really. I just need a little break.

Cherry516:: Hioki…
Hioki567: Yes?
Cherry516:: Can I tell you something..?
Hioki567: Sure, go ahead!
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Re: Kingdoms At War: The Story(Part 14)

Postby sean893 on Feb 17 2015, 3:40pm

Cherry516:: Ever since you came into my clan, things were entirely different. Whenever you are around, you made me feel happy…unlike the others.

16 July 1975, back before Hioki joins the game.
The World Chat

MysteryFighter176: Hi everyone!
Asght_Maker: B2b Reckoning, 200 kcs required! Join now.
TBB_Killerawesomme_TBB: The Black Bats, Destroyer on now. Get your gold.
Punishing_Driver: Looking for warbeasts
Souta_Tonoki: Hi MysteryFighter. 
__aibyss__: Look! There’s a 17mcs player on WC!
Cherry516:: I know right, Abyss :)
MysteryFighter176: Lol aibyss…I am small
__aibyss__: No, you are one of the most powerful players in the world!
Xena_820: Is this guy happened to be on the leaderboards? Let me check!

MysteryFighter176 happened to be #46 on the overall leaderboards as of 16 July, 1975.

__aibyss__: He’s number 46!!
Xena_820: Damn awesome. If only I could be that strong.
MysteryFighter176: No way!!
Xena_820: Hahaha! Having a fun time, MysteryFighter?
Souta_Tonoki: *eyes*
Punishing_Driver: Looking for warbeasts
MysteryFighter176: Yep, I’m enjoying it! :)

Suddenly, a minute later…

MysteryFighter176: Who scouted me?
__aibyss__: Umm…no idea?
TBB_Killerawesomme_TBB: The Black Bats, Destroyer on now. Get your gold.
MysteryFighter176: now who assassinated me 21 times?
Xena_820: Not me
__aibyss__: Not me either.
Cherry516:: Mystery, do you know who did it?
MysteryFighter176: No…all actions successful..I got 1 scout and 21 assas so far.
Souta_Tonoki: Perhaps someone’s hitting you just because they’re jealous of your stats
Yusuke811: Hi, new player here. Volley me please!
Xena_820: I think it will stop later…it’s normal.
MysteryFighter176: And now I got 7 more scout actions on me…lol.

And another 10 minutes later…

**UPDATE**: MysteryFighter176 has been killed and this player is now permanently deleted.

Xena_820: NOOOOO!!!
Yusuke811: What just happened?
__aibyss__: MysteryFighter got perm killed.

Cherry516:: Before you came, I have been watching the World Chat. And I’ve thought I should do something about it, too. I’ve asked players here and there, but all they say is:

Ignore them, Cherry516. Maybe they had a grudge against each other.

Cherry516:: But apparently, I’ve been seeing kills everyday just like you. I tried to convince them that there’s a player killer out there, but they didn’t seem to understand. I just do not know what I should do then but to helplessly watch.

12 February 1976, around 2:37 PM.

**UPDATE**: T-E-R-M-I-N-A-T-O-R has been killed and this player is now permanently deleted.

TheSuperBasher: Did someone say 3 years?
Minho256: Hioki said it.
Hioki567: Yes. Terminator was speaking at the World Chat minutes before he get killed.
TheSuperBasher: Ouch….
Tekken716: Three years of effort down on the drain….
Minho256: But Terminator said he got assassinated. He didn’t say he was attacked.
Hioki567: It cannot be. Because Life Damage only applies through soldier attacks, not spy actions.
Tekken716: Anyway, let’s just leave this thing away and focus on our eb…

The epic battle “The Reckoning” has been initiated by Tekken716 and will start in 15 minutes.

Hioki567: No. I have to get stronger now.
TheSuperBasher: Someone’s getting mad lol.
Hioki567: I’m serious here, everyone.
TheSuperBasher: You’re just a new player here. Why don’t you just sit back and relax? Let it go…
Hioki567: There’s player killers out there! If you guys don’t do something about it….we will…
Tekken716: We will what?
Cherry516: Hioki, I get what you mean. Follow me please.

Cherry516:: Then when you came into the game, you appear to have the same feeling that I’m feeling too.

Hioki567: I see. So you thought what I…thought too.

13 February 1976, 12:17 PM

Tekken716: Hioki, it’s decided.
Hioki567: Yes?
Tekken716: We’ll do it your way.
Hioki567: Okay…thank you!
Tekken716: It’s because Cherry suddenly pm me. She said that she wanted it your way, too.
Hioki567: Ah, I see…

Hioki567: No wonder you convinced Tekken to do it my way. If this didn’t happen, I wouldn’t grow faster…till here.
Cherry516: Yup. I told him that if he isn’t gonna it our way, I will leave his clan.
Hioki567: I can see why. And later, I also managed to make some others understand. Thanks to you. :)
Cherry516: I want world peace just as much as you. I want to be together with you.
Hioki567: Cherry…
Cherry516: I will use my Health Crystals for you. I will follow everywhere you go, and I want to protect you.
Hioki567: *hugs*
Hioki567: I will save the world. Don’t worry. I’m not gonna die that easily.
Cherry516: Hioki..
Hioki567: Everything’s going to be okay….and I will protect you too!
Cherry516: *smiles*

Hioki567: Let me take a break. I’ll get back to kawing later, Cherry!
Cherry516: Okay! <3

8:36 PM

TGOD-Soldier wrote on your wall. Click to view comment.

TGOD-Soldier: Hioki, I heard of your quest to find the true player killer! If there is anything I can do to help at all, let me know! :) (8 June 1976, 6:43 PM)

Hioki then writes back on TGod’s wall…

Hioki567: Thank you for your kind words. However, the quest that I'm taking is a lifetime and extremely dangerous one. And I do not want to get you involved into such dangerous know, if you really die...
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Re: Kingdoms At War: The Story(Part 14)

Postby sean893 on Feb 17 2015, 3:40pm

4 June 1976, 9:35 AM
Season 1 Clan Knockout Tournament Results:

Block A

Monarch Fighters (Victory) vs (Defeated) Viking Warriors
The Black Bats (Defeated) vs (Victory) Heinshin Academy
Blue Thunders (Defeated) vs (Victory) The Fourth Prefecture
The Leaf Squad Bats (Defeated) vs (Victory) Pure-Spy Team
Green Goblins (Defeated) vs (Victory) B2B FOD
Urban Magicians (Victory) vs (Defeated) The Noble Kingdoms
No.1 (Victory) vs (Defeated) Orange Raiders
Purple Archers (Defeated) vs (Victory) Ayaushi Lions

Block B

Akane Flyers (Victory) vs (Defeated) IMBBOK
Hokkai Snowfoxs (Victory) vs (Defeated) Texas Riders
Spartan Gods vs The Armoured Os-wers (Ongoing)
ShinShenKhan vs The London League (10:00 AM to 12:00 PM)
The Noob Fighters vs Gundam Elite(12:00 PM to 2:00 PM)
Dauntless Paladins vs Virtuous Skeletons(2:00 PM to 4:00 PM)
Vicious Thieves vs Lost Scarabs(4:00 PM to 6:00 PM)
The Towered Kingdoms vs Flying Bombers(6:00 PM to 8:00 PM)

4 June 1976, 9:41 AM
The Fourth Prefecture: Clan Chat

Hioki567: Good morning, The Fourth Prefecture.
Yusuke811: Morning Hioki!!
Hioki567: I hadn’t been getting enough sleep lately…How did the war go?
Yusuke811: Spartan Gods is now fighting against The Armoured Os-wers! They both look strong and hard to defeat!
Tekken716: Morning clan. Hioki, you seem to be kawing too much. Why don’t you take a break?
Yusuke811: Yeah, Hioki! You have been helping us since the day you came into this clan!
Tekken716: Day and night, I see you active in our clan chat almost every time.
Yusuke811: Yes, yes, I saw it too!
Hioki567: You guys…
Minho256: Hioki, don’t worry about the knockout tournament. We all can handle it from here.
Jun_Matachi: Yes. Leave it to us!
Yusuke811: Besides, I want you to spend some time in real life too! I’m sure you got things more important than kawing, right?
Hioki567: Thanks all, I will take a break from kawing! My life is in your hands!
Tekken716: Hioki, I will substitute you out from the warring roster and Danny_Triker will take your place.
Hioki567: All right, noted.
Yusuke811: Take care, Hioki!! Please be in good condition when you come to kawing again!
Minho256: Cya Hioki :D
Jun_Matachi: Bye!
TomCheenJun: Bye Hioki! Thank you for being with us!
Yusuke811: We’ll miss you, even if you’re heading out for a while!
Tekken716: I will contact Driver to activate the Shield Of Protection on you while you’re inactive.
Yusuke811: Bye bye!!
Hioki567: Bye everyone!

At that moment, Hioki567 has finally logged out.
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Re: Kingdoms At War: The Story(Part 14)

Postby sean893 on Feb 17 2015, 3:40pm

4 June 1976, 10:18 AM

Jun_Matachi: By the way, Danny Triker seems to be inactive. Are you really sure you can count on this guy?
Tekken716: He has a strong defense stat, as well as spy defense stats adding up his spy defense towers. Either way, Danny’s a player not easy to be killed off the battlefield easily.
Yusuke811: Agreed! That 5 million defense stat really shows how armored he is!
TomCheenJun: There’s one problem you guys need to consider though.
Jun_Matachi: What is that?
TomCheenJun: If Danny is inactive, he will not come to the clan chat. And that means we will not know whether he’s taking hits or not.
Yusuke811: Oh no..
Jun_Matachi: And even if we can scout him to check his Life meter, his spy defense would be way too high.
Tekken716: You won’t be able to hit members on our team anyway. The rules said so.
TomCheenJun: Damn…what are we going to do…
Tekken716: Looks like the only way to find out if Danny has hits is by him getting killed.

[b]**UPDATE** Playername123 has knocked out Danny_Triker in war!

Tekken716: Even so, that update will only come out once. We’ll have to be extra alert.

Jun_Matachi: Noted.
Yusuke811: Guys, when is the date that we’ll have war on the second round? I have no idea..
TomCheenJun: No idea too…
Tekken716: I believe we will all get a message before our second-round war starts.
Yusuke811: I see!

4 June 1976, 8:30 PM

All 32 clans have finished warring and 16 clans were eliminated, 8 from Block A and B. There are now 16 clans left standing. The new matchups are now as follows:

Block A

Monarch Fighters vs Heinshin Academy(To take place in 5 June 1976, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM)
The Fourth Prefecture vs Pure-Spy Team(11:00 AM to 1 PM)
B2B FOD vs Urban Magicians(1:00 PM to 3:00 PM)
No. 1 vs Ayaushi Lions(3:00 PM to 5:00 PM)

Block B

Akane Flyers vs Hokkai Snowfoxs (5:00 PM to 7:00 PM)
The Armoured Os-wers vs The London League(7:00 PM to 9:00 PM)
Gundam Elite vs Dauntless Paladins(6 June 1976, 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM)
Lost Scarabs vs Flying Bombers(6 June 1976, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM)
At 9 PM, The Fourth Prefecture has received the notification messages.

*Clan Update*
Your clan is matched-up against Pure-Spy Team and will start in 14 hours. Best of luck on the battlefield!

Fast Forward…

The Fourth Prefecture, without Hioki on the battlefield, has won the battle against Pure-Spy Team, resulting in a 9 versus 0 members at 1:11:41 war time left. Meanwhile, Monarch Fighters has lost the fight against Heinshin Academy, thus Monarch Fighters were eliminated. B2B FOD has crushed Urban Magicians pretty hard, and No.1 has won against Ayaushi Lions.

On Block B, Akane Flyers had crushed Hokkai Snowfoxs hard. The Armoured Os-wers also scored in a major victory of 8 against 0 over the London League, with 38 minutes of war time left. Then, the Gundam Elite was pushed back by Dauntless Paladins with a defeat of 0 against 2, with 7 minutes of war time left. Finally, Lost Scarabs went in a serious fight against Flying Bombers and as the 2-hour war time is up, it was 3 against 4. However, Lost Scarabs still lost to Flying Bombers because the plunder score of Flying Bombers was higher than Lost Scarabs, thus was eliminated out of the tournament.

At 6 June 1976 at 12 PM, eight more clans were eliminated and eight remained alive. It has now became a Semi-Final match for both blocks.

Block A(4 clans)

Heinshin Academy vs The Fourth Prefecture
B2B FOD vs No.1

Block B(4 clans)

Akane Flyers vs The Armoured Os-wers
Dauntless Paladins vs Flying Bombers.
The war goes on in 7 June 1976. Again, without Hioki around The Fourth Prefecture has scored in a 7 against 4 victory, since the clan’s plunder score was higher than Heinshin Academy. Following, though B2B FOD had put in a good fight against No.1, B2B Fod still lost in a 1 against 1 defeat, because No.1’s overall plunder score was higher than B2B FOD’s.

Meanwhile in Block B, the war has gotten more intense. Though Akane Flyers fought against The Armoured Os-wers resulting in a 5 against 6, Akane Flyers was defeated because the plunder score was lesser than the opposing clan. Flying Bombers has scored a victory over Dauntless Paladins.

At 8 June 1976, 8:45 AM, 4 clans remained. Two from each Block A and B. It has now became a semi-final match between clans to determine the champion of the Season 1 Clan Knockout Tournament.

Meanwhile, outside these events the Global World Chat, from 4 July to the present has shown updates of 7 more players confirmed killed and deleted from the game. All 7 victims were at least 15 million combined stats and above.

Now, The Fourth Prefecture has received notification messages again as of 9:00 AM.

**Clan Update**
Your clan is now matched-up against No.1. The semi-final war will start 26 hours later. The war time will now be 3.5 hours instead of the normal 2 hours. You can now rearrange your warring team until then. Best of luck on the battlefield!

PART 14 Ended

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Re: Kingdoms At War: The Story(Part 14)

Postby sean893 on Feb 17 2015, 3:41pm


Hioki567's username: Main Character
Tekken716's username: Owner of The Fourth Prefecture
Cherry516's color: Lead Female
Orange: Hioki567's notifications and private messages
Red username: Identifies a developer/player killer.
Blue username: Player of a different actor.
Yellow username: Warring members of other clans excluding The Fourth Prefecture/Opposing Warring clan against The Fourth Prefecture.

If you want to give a feedback, you can do so on this thread:[/color]

Kingdoms At War: The Story(Discussion/Feedback Thread)

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Re: Kingdoms At War: The Story(Part 14)

Postby iDeception on Feb 17 2015, 3:43pm

what is the point of these threads :|
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Re: Kingdoms At War: The Story(Part 14)

Postby CARB0N on Feb 17 2015, 3:43pm

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Re: Kingdoms At War: The Story(Part 14)

Postby slayerbob on Feb 17 2015, 3:45pm

/lock per op request :)
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