Kingdoms At War: The Story(Part 11)

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Kingdoms At War: The Story(Part 11)

Postby sean893 on Jan 3 2015, 4:26pm

Before PART 11 starts, here is a basic profile for some of the members in The Fourth Prefecture.
Clan Members: 29 (17 shown)
KA= Kawmunity Allegiance. M: Male. F: Female. U: Unknown.

1=Hioki567(Conquerer Class Kingdom): 1,510,200/1,257,000/50,500/50,500(M)
2=Tekken716(Conquerer Class Kingdom): 7,516,400/5,712,850/1,015,000/1,015,000(M, 3 years KA)
3=Punishing_Driver(Defender Class Kingdom): 4,517,250/13,152,000/456,000/5,613,700(M, 2 years KA)
4=Cherry516(Medical Class Kingdom): 457,500/419,200/27,100/34,000(F, 3 years KA)
5=TheSuperBasher(Monarch Class Kingdom): 2,687,500/1,715,200/75,400/75,400(M, 1 year KA)
6=TheRight33(Conquerer Class Kingdom): 1,512,800/1,048,174/256,000/256,000(M, 1 year KA)
7=Gary_The_Great(Conquerer Class Kingdom): 6,215,250/5,195,500/910,000/1,025,000(M, 1 year KA)
8=Khalifah_ArifAlqursi(Monarch Class Kingdom): 337,340/313,070/52,800/52,800(M)
9=Minho256(Conquerer Class Kingdom): 2,718,450/2,678,550/415,000/450,200(M, 1 year KA)
10=Yusuke811(Conquerer Class Kingdom): 32,000/32,000/561,000/561,000(M)
11=Common_Sense(Monarch Class Kingdom):1,417,854/1,198,000/886,380/886,380(M)
12=TomCheenJun(Defender Class Kingdom): 581,000/1,751,200/102,500/102,500(M)
13=V_I_N_C_E_N_T(Monarch Class Kingdom): 840,000/900,000/98,000/98,000(M)
14=Jun_Matachi(Conquerer Class Kingdom): 1,012,500/926,700/505,000/505,000(M)
15=Rich_King(Defender Class Kingdom): 20,000/20,000/12,148,500/15,712,600(M, 2 years KA)
16=TanWaiKen(Monarch Class Kingdom): 1,057,000/921,000/716,000/716,000(M)
17=Danny_Triker(Defender Class Kingdom): 2,416,000/5,015,000/1,017,000/1,765,000(M, 1 year KA)

Current Life Meter of 17 shown members before start:
1) Hioki567: 136/136
2) Tekken716: 418/418
3) Punishing_Driver: 876/944
4) Cherry516: 125/125
5) TheSuperBasher: 334/334
6) TheRight33: 256/256
7) Gary_The_Great: 258/258
8) Khalifah_ArifAlqursi: 171/171
9) Minho256: 255/255
10) Yusuke811: 143/143
11) Common_Sense: 191/191
12)TomCheenJun: 386/386
13) V_I_N_C_E_N_T: 187/187
14) Jun_Matachi: 181/181
15) Rich_King: 889/907
16) TanWaiKen: 176/176
17) Danny_Triker: 541/556
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Re: Kingdoms At War: The Story(Part 11)

Postby sean893 on Jan 3 2015, 4:26pm


Still in 1 June 1976: 11:01 AM. The World Chat

kaw: Attention, Kawers! There will be a new upcoming event: Season 1 Clan Knockout Tournament.
OW_KEN_OW: Hey devs, do you mind if I say something to you? Remove the Life meter, please.
Travis_Denser: Kaw…I’m getting really mad here…my friends got killed and you never do anything to fix that damn thing.
Bon_Bon: Hello Kaw!
kaw: The full details of the event will be sent to your inbox shortly. Please stay tuned to find out which clans are selected for the tournament.

And then the next thing Hioki sees, is full of messages from players with unanswered questions about not being happy with the mechanics of Kaw. They are literally trying to bash the developer with words, but it was no use. Kaw is no longer in the World Chat after the last message.

The Fourth Prefecture: Clan Chat

Yusuke811: Kaw….appeared!
Cherry516: A tournament? Seriously?
Tekken716: I saw that too. It’s the game developer, no doubt.
TomCheenJun: These players in WC are all damn nuts. They started talking bad about the developer all of a sudden.
Yusuke811: But why? Kaw made Kingdoms At War, right?

Suddenly, Hioki Masashi receives inbox messages from the developer itself, kaw. It read:

kaw: There will be a new upcoming event: Season 1 Clan Knockout Tournament. 32 unique clans will be selected by the system to participate in the tournament. In each war match two clans will fight against each other for victory. The defeated clan will be knocked out of the tournament.

Choose up to ten of your members as the representatives to participate on each match. Life damage can be enabled during the knockout match. If your Life reaches 0 during the tournament, you will not be deleted by the system. You will just be knocked out of the war roster, and then your Life will fully regenerate again. However, once you are knocked out during a war round, you cannot participate further onwards from that match itself.

Should all 10 or lesser members gets knocked out during the match, the opposing clan will immediately win as long as there is at least 1 opposing clan member left in the war roster. If the match timer clocks down and at least 1 clan member is still in the War Roster on both teams, the winner will be decided by overall gold plunder.

The champion of the clan(last clan standing) will get a Season 1 Equipment. All clan members in that clan will get one equipment as suited by their class of kingdom.

The event will commence on 3 June 1976. As soon as the event is commenced, should your clan is chosen to participate in the Season 1 Clan Knockout Tournament, no new members are allowed to join your clan.

You will be updated with further details, if your clan is selected. Stay tuned to find out!

Every kaw player gets this same message from kaw. Hioki is beginning to take note of what’s happening ahead.

Yusuke811: What is this? A tournament??
TheSuperBasher: Devs screwing up with us again…
Tekken716: I see. I think I get it now.
Hioki567: It’s a tournament…
Cherry516: Many players died and the devs still can implement that kind of stuff…
Tekken716: Hioki, what do you think?
Hioki567: Erm….

Dead silence again for a minute…

Hioki567: I will go in.
Minho256: Hioki, seriously??
Hioki567: If that’s what it takes for me to grab that equipment, there’s a reason I want to join that tournament, right?
Tekken716: All right, Hioki. Let me hear your point.
TomCheenJun: wow…crappy tournament…
Hioki567: If I go into that tournament, I will get a chance to get that mystery equipment. Maybe that equipment can even give me an advantage in the future.
Hioki567: What if that equipment has special effects?
Minho256: But why for?
Hioki567: We need all the strength we can get. I want to come face-to-face with that player killer who is still unknown today.
Minho256: Agreed. I still remember your purpose for coming here. I support you, and will go to the tournament together with you.
Cherry516: If Hioki’s going, then I’m going too. I’m not gonna back down with him around.

TheSuperBasher: Oh please! Have you all lost your mind?? You all are going to die facing these.
Hioki567: How sure are you about that?
TheSuperBasher: You’re only going in to get yourself killed. Trust me.
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Re: Kingdoms At War: The Story(Part 11)

Postby sean893 on Jan 3 2015, 4:27pm

Tekken716: Basher, I’m getting sick of your words. You do not understand us completely again.
Minho256: Basher, some things are worth dying for.
Cherry516: If we just sit there and do nothing but epic battles, we won’t get that far in terms of combined strength.
Cherry516: Like Hioki has said before, Kingdoms At War is no longer a safe world. Whether we go to the tournament or not, we can still get killed. But if we go, perhaps we can get a little bit stronger faster.
TheSuperBasher: There comes it again. That super-fast growth. I’ve had enough of all of you.
Yusuke811: ….

You were attacked by TheSuperBasher and lost. They took 18,791,484 gold and inflicted 32 Life Damage to you.

You were attacked by The SuperBasher and lost. They took 18,149,597 gold and inflicted 31 Life Damage to you.


You were attacked by TheSuperBasher and lost. They took 17,411,976 gold and inflicted 31 Life Damage to you.

You are now protected by Tekken716

You were attacked by TheSuperBasher but was protected by Tekken716

Tekken716: Hioki, I got him.
Yusuke811: OH MY GOD!!
Cherry516: Don’t die on me please…Hioki! Tell me your Life hasn’t reached 0 yet..
Hioki567: I’m okay. Tekken just activated the Shield Of Protection on me.
Tekken716: How much is your Life now, Hioki?
Hioki567: 42/136

A dead silence for a moment…

Tekken716: TheSuperBasher, you have gone way too far.
Yusuke811: Oh no…
TheSuperBasher: How am I going too far?
Tekken716: You have changed. You hardly consider our feelings and understand our situations, and now you want to kill Hioki?
Cherry516: You just enabled life damage on Hioki.
Tekken716: Basher, from here onwards you are no longer a part of The Fourth Prefecture.
TheSuperBasher: Tekken..what did you just SAY??
Yusuke811: No…not arguments again…
Tekken716: I’m saying that I will be kicking you out now.
TheSuperBasher: Tekken…I have always been in your clan contributing to epic battles…why am I not considered a member anymore??
Tekken716: You attacked our clanmate. And you even enabled Life damage to him.
TheSuperBasher: What Hioki doing there is very wrong. He will reveal himself and all of us to the player killers and all of us will die.
Tekken716: And what you’ve just did there is even worse.
TheSuperBasher: Excuse me??
Tekken716: You have changed, Basher. Nothing good ever comes out of your words now. Please reapply back in after you reflect back to what you have just done.

Tekken716 has dropped TheSuperBasher from The Fourth Prefecture

Yusuke811: Basher…no more?
Tekken716: No more. I kicked him out.
Minho256: Good! No more of Basher today.
Cherry516: Yeah…Basher is gone.
Hioki567: Tekken, did he inflict any Life damage to you?
Tekken716: Nope. He lost the attack action against me.

1 June 1976: 11:35 AM

Hioki567: I got a plan!!
Minho256: A plan?
Yusuke811: Tell us!!
Tekken716: All right. Let me hear your new “plan” out.

Hioki567: Since the “player killers” are still around in Kingdoms At War, and that everyone we see in the World Chat is normally below 15mcs, right?
Minho256: Right.
Hioki567: Then all the players who is going to compete in that Season 1 Tournament, most of them would be below 15mcs too.
Yusuke811: Then…that means..
Hioki567: The player killers can still see all 32 clans fighting in the tournament and view the clan member list to viewing players. But as long as the players are under 15mcs, they cannot kill the player.
Tekken716: Go on.
Hioki567: In that case, we will choose our best ten players to compete in the tournament, but must be below 15mcs. Although we can still choose 15+mcs, it is possible they can be the killer’s next target, so I strongly recommend that idea.
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Re: Kingdoms At War: The Story(Part 11)

Postby sean893 on Jan 3 2015, 4:27pm

Minho256: Hioki, I won’t say that may be the best idea since we can’t have Driver on the tournament, but I can say that is by far the safest.
Tekken716: We can only use that plan IF our clan is selected for the tournament. :lol:
TomCheenJun: Support!
Rich_King: Support! I’m a spy build so I will easily get killed as I’m over the 15mcs line, while being extremely vulnerable as my defense stat is ultimately low. I’m going with your idea, but if you need me on the tournament I’ll be happy to join in.
Hioki567: You do know what happens if you join, right?
Rich_King: Yup.

Tekken716: Driver knows that too.
Cherry516: If our clans gets selected, I’ll join in too.
Hioki567: Cherry…you’re a Medical Class Kingdom..are you sure about this?
Cherry516: I don’t care. Because you’re here fighting together, I won’t be scared anymore.
Cherry516: Have you not forget that I can use my Health Crystals on anyone? :lol:
Hioki567: Oh’re right.
Cherry516: But please activate the Shield Of Protection on me, okay??
Hioki567: Yeah! :D

Hioki567: Tekken, for you to join the tournament safely..I strongly recommend you to drop your stats. Just to below 15 million. 14.9 million cs is good enough to be outside the hitting range from the “player killers”.
Tekken716: I don’t mind going slightly weaker then! If our clan is selected, let’s all fight together!
Yusuke811: Me too, me too! I wanna fight!
Minho256: I will too. Knowing that Kaw is not a safe place, and that all of us will die one day..I might as well take the risk.
Hioki567: As for Driver, I’m afraid he’ll have to leave The Fourth Prefecture. It’s gonna cost him too much as a 22+mcs to drop so low to below 15mcs.
Punishing_Driver: I leave the clan?
Hioki567: Yes. Be clanless, Driver. So that the player killers cannot find any 15+mcs player when looking into our clan member list.
Punishing_Driver: Roger :D
Hioki567: And you, Rich King….you will stay in the clan. Just in case the tables turn upside down during the war match, you will be here fighting with us.
Hioki567: Since you are above 15mcs, I’m sorry but you may be the only hope to turn the tables again for us. You’re gonna have to sacrifice.
Rich_King: Roger that! I don’t mind! I’m a spy build, so I’m extremely vulnerable anyway.
Hioki567: Because if our clan is chosen, no new members will come into the clan, and that means if you are not here by the time that comes, the doors will be closed.
Rich_King: Got it! I will stay here.
Hioki567: I’ll call you in when it’s time for you to show up. Driver, out.
Punishing_Driver: Will do!

Hioki receives notifications.

Punishing_Driver has left your clan.

You are now an admin of The Fourth Prefecture.

Tekken716: Hioki...good luck on saving Kingdoms At War. I, as the owner of this clan will gladly sacrifice my life for you, and for the peace of this world.
Hioki567: Thank you, Tekken. It has been a pleasure being a part of The Fourth Prefecture! Now we just have to wait with hope that our clan is chosen for the Season 1 Tournament. :)

1 June 1976, 8:05 PM

Figure of Death has been defeated by Tekken716! On the verge of awakening, your forces vanquish the Evil. The presence dissipates, as does Apheriun, exiled once again from the mortal realm.

**UPDATE** An Abyssal Blade is dropped. (TomCheenJun, Yusuke811, Jun_Matachi)
**UPDATE** Some Aqua were found in the debris (Hioki567, Tekken716)
**UPDATE** Some Inferno were found in the debris (Cherry516)

Your clan completed “Figure Of Death” and you have been rewarded Blizzard(18), Spell of Amnesia (22) and 4,596,143,797 gold for your participation

Hioki567: Congratulations, all!
Yusuke811: Yay! I got a weapon!!
Cherry516: Congrats Hioki!
Jun_Matachi: Wow, I got a really sharp blade there! I’m gonna wield it now!
Tekken716: What epic battle is next?
Yusuke811: The Haunting, please!
Minho256: I was thinking another FOD…but let it for Yusuke ;)
Hioki567: All right, Mr. Yusuke! I’ll go with you too. The Haunting!!
Cherry516: The Haunting then! :D
Tekken716: Here it is, everyone. :)

The epic battle “The Haunting” has been initiated by Tekken716 and will start in 15 minutes.

PART 11 Ended

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Re: Kingdoms At War: The Story(Part 11)

Postby sean893 on Jan 3 2015, 4:28pm


Hioki567's username: Main Character
Tekken716's username: Owner of The Fourth Prefecture
Cherry516's color: Lead Female
Orange: Hioki567's notifications and private messages
Red username: Identifies a developer/player killer.
Blue username: Player of a different actor.

Next Part (12) will be released in 11 January 2015

If you want to give a feedback, you can do so on this thread:

Kingdoms At War: The Story(Discussion/Feedback Thread)

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