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Re: Endgame

Postby seth73 on Nov 1 2010, 6:54pm

She fumbled around with the bag and pulled out a rather large needle. The Defender gave her a strange look. “Its morphine, should help dull the pain,” She explained. The Defender gave her a slightly worried stare but allowed her to inject Seth. To make matters worse, the squad was about to get some… unwanted company. A combat chopper flew overhead and the noise alerted the undead of the forest. “Zombies!” Exclaimed iZ as they flooded out from the woods.
“Everyone form a circle around Seth” Ordered The Defender. Once everyone was in place, he activated a dome shaped force field around the group. They tried their best to fend off the horde, but a few eventually got through to Seth. When they did reach him, they were surprised to find him, or at least a part of him fighting back. Seth’s injured arm shot out, passing through one zombie’s chest, instantly killing it, then turned and electrocuted another. Although they did not comprehend it, the group appreciated the help. Little they know, the beast that possessed Seth’s arm was growing in power. The “skeletal” infection had now spread past the gauntlet and was now visible.
The group was unable to fend off the zombies for much longer, so they ran. With the Defender covering them, Rika and Avril dragged Seth back to the truck and they sped off in the direction of the shooter.
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Re: Endgame

Postby mattisnttheman on Nov 1 2010, 6:56pm

It's too long. It looks cool. I saw a few letters.
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Re: Endgame

Postby seth73 on Nov 22 2010, 9:00pm

Chapter 8
I found myself stumbling through a mist, and there, I saw the vague outline of a man.
“Who are you?” I demanded.
“They call me Mancer,” replied the figure.
“What do you want with me, why are you here!,” I yelled confused as to what was happening.
“Well, I originally wanted to devour your soul and use you as a weapon, but thanks to your reflective plating I'm stuck in your arm,” explained Mancer. He seemed very blunt. “So I guess we’ll have to compromise.”
“Wait… where am I?” I inquired, still very confused.
“You’re in your mind… probably talking to yourself while unconscious,” elaborated Mancer. “Look neither of us really wants to be in this situation, but I'm not leaving until you give me your soul or find me a new host.”
“Well then… what do you suppose we do until then?” I asked.
“Well your wrist weapon is stopping me from advancing any further, but I still have control of your arm. Before I try to take over someone else, I need to regenerate, remove the tips of your gauntlet and I will be your greatest weapon, stealing the souls of all that stand in your way,” Suggested Mancer.
I wasn’t really in any position to agree, so that’s just what I did. “Very well”
“Now until then I strongly recommend you regain consciousness and get back to whatever you were doing, you should not feel any pain in your arm,” And with that, the figure vanished.
I still had plenty of unanswered questions, but I decided to follow his advice.
Back in reality, Seth was finally coming to. He did so rather normally, for someone who had just spent the last half hour talking to themselves.
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Re: Endgame

Postby seth73 on Nov 28 2010, 8:22pm

He merely opened his eyes, took a look at his injured arm and said, “Well that don’t look healthy.” Before he even had a chance to finish his sentence, he got a hug from Stora and was assailed with questions from both Rika and The Defender.
“Seth! You’re ok!” Exclaimed Stora.
“How’s your arm, can you move it, does it hurt?” Demanded Rika.
“Do you remember anything? Inquired The Defender.
I chuckled and said “Good to be back”
“This must be your hunter squad, looks like a decent group of people” added Mancer.
“My arm is fine Rika, it doesn’t seem to hurt at all,” I replied, not wanting to disclose Mancer’s existence. “And no Defender I don’t remember much, only the trajectory of the bullet, but I bet if we went back to where I was shot I could probably figure out exactly where the bullet came from.”
Upon hearing that I was ok, everyone hopped back into their positions on the truck and we turned around and sped back in the direction we had come. Once we arrived, I decided to re-create what had happened. After hours and hours of tedious work, I managed to single out an area where I believed the shooter to be.
“The shot, was fired from that ridge,” I said, pointing to a distant bump in the land.
“Are you sure someone could hit you from that far away?” Asked Irin.
“It would be near impossible for an amateur, but for someone with experience, it would be a slice of pie.” I replied.
Upon reaching the hill, it was clearly evident that the sniper had been hiding here. The most obvious sign was definitely the large sniper rifle perched on the edge of the hill. I slowly approached it, checking to see if it was booby trapped and without moving the gun, looked down its sight. “He was definitely here,” I declared. The sight was aimed exactly where I had been shot.
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Re: Endgame

Postby daman9 on Dec 7 2010, 9:07pm

Sorry for the interruption but I love this story so BUMP
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Re: Endgame

Postby seth73 on Dec 8 2010, 8:29pm

“Hey Seth, come and take a look at this!” Exclaimed Stora. I began to follow her when I noticed a slight glint in the grass to the right of the sniper. It was the bullet casing. I picked it up and examined it in my hand. There was a logo at the back of the bullet and upon closer imagination, my greatest fears were confirmed. The logo would easily be recognized by anyone on my squad. It was the logo of the company that created the game, and it meant that they were trying to kill me.
“How interesting, I guess we have something in common,” Said Mancer.
“What do you mean?” I inquired.
“Well I'm the computer hacker responsible for the complex ability making system in the game. You see my ability to take over souls was never supposed to be a part of the game; I invented it myself and decided to publish the software. It became so popular so fast; the makers of the game could do nothing but to adopt it.” Explained Mancer.
I decided to keep my findings secret from the rest of my squad for now; they had worse things to worry about.
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Re: Endgame

Postby seth73 on Dec 10 2010, 7:40pm

Chapter 9
“Looks like we have company,” Said Mancer.
“Zombies, and lots of em are coming out of the woods!” Yelled iZ.
“Get the truck blocking the way up to the hill. iZ I want you on the turret, Irin get on the ridge and snipe. The rest, support, iZ,” I calmly explained. It was time to have some fun. As I began to load my crossbow, I felt a jerk of pain sear through Mancer’s arm.
“That’s sniper is still loaded you know, I could make good use to it. Just pull the trigger when I tell you to,” Ordered Mancer.
I didn’t have any other bright ideas so I went over to the sniper. There was only one clip so Mancer would have to time his shots well for maximum effect. Once I had a firm grasp of the riffle, Mancer’s arm swerved the gun left and right finally settling on an area near some boulders, where zombies were pouring out.
Making almost no noise, but with incredible recoil, the riffle let loose. At least four zombies splattered to pieces, bits of organs flying everywhere. I chuckled: this was gonna be amusing.
Another three dead. I focused all of my attention into what I saw through the scope, ignoring the sounds of battle around me. This time I aimed the shot myself and fired. A row of zombies were decapitated. There seemed to be no end to the horde. I checked back to my squad, and they seemed to be doing alright.
“Roll over now!” Boomed Mancer.
His sudden interruption startled me and I jumped to the side, just as an arrow impaled itself where I had been standing moments ago.
“Seth they have a leader, look on the boulders!” Yelled Stora frantically.
I aimed my scope at the boulders and gasped. Moragana’s animated corpse was directing the zombies.
“Someone you know?” Chuckled Mancer.
“Yeah, she used to be in my squad before she got killed off,” I hissed.
“Heh looks like you’ve pissed off a necromancer,” Retorted Mancer
I aimed my riffle directly at her, but I hesitated before I took the shot. But, some invisible power forced my finger to pull the trigger. I stared, rooted to the spot as Moragana flew backwards, into the horde of zombies. “Damn!” I cursed. I kept scanning the area around her when Mancer’s arm suddenly jerked the gun upwards and I fired the gun. A zombie had managed to scale the cliff, but now lay in pieces in front of me.
“Pay more attention next time” Demanded Mancer.
Once again, I aimed at the boulders and to my surprise, Moragana’s corpse had risen once again and was staring right at me. She raised her bony finger and pointed in my direction. I quickly tried to take the shot, but lucky for me, the sniper was out of ammo. I put the sniper down behind me and picked up my crossbow. Looks like the hunter has become the hunted.
“Stora I need backup!” I yelled.
“Hang on Seth, I’m coming!” She replied.
As she approached, I pulled out the case of grenades I had bought previously. Repetitively pulling the pins, I dropped all four off the cliff face into the mass of zombies that had begun forming at the bottom. Stora had arrived and began unpacking a strange device. It was not until she added wheels to it that I understood what it was. She had a little remote controlled vehicle.
“This aint time for fun and games,” I said with a chuckle.
“Just give me all of your explosives,” She ordered.
“Fine” I pulled a pipe bomb and the remaining silent explosives out of my bag and gave them to her.
She pulled out a roll of duct tape and skilfully strapped all the explosives to the car. She wired them all to a small timer and pulled out the controller.
“Wow,” I said, understanding her plan. “Can I drive it?”
“No,” Replied Stora with a grin.
She set the timer and the car sped towards the ledge. It flew off and time seemed to slow as the car fell towards the ground. Time ran out mere seconds before the vehicle would have hit the ground. In an ear-splitting moment it was all over. All that remained was a massive crater. But, the explosion had taken its toll on the cliff too. The edges began to crumble and I decided it was time to get outta there.
“Stora, Irin, let’s go!” I ordered. “We’re breaking out of here!”
We sprinted towards the vehicle and everyone hoped in. As we sped down the hill we encountered little resistance, as most of the zombies had pulled back to the ledge. Our escape seemed to be sealed when we ran over a crawling zombie. We were travelling so fast that the vehicle flipped and soared through the air.
“Brace f!” I began to say before the wind was knocked out of me.
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Re: Endgame

Postby EliteNinja on Dec 14 2010, 3:08pm

Woww what a nerd
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Re: Endgame

Postby seth73 on Dec 14 2010, 6:26pm

Screw off eliteninja.
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Re: Endgame

Postby seth73 on Dec 16 2010, 7:31pm

When I regained consciousness, I was surrounded by a veil of fog. The truck was nowhere in sight. I could still see a vague canopy, so I guessed I was still in the forest. I made sure I had no broken bones, and found that Mancer’s arm was bent at a very strange angle. I tried to establish contact with him, but to no avail. Suddently, I saw a figure approaching through the mist. “Hello Sethy” cackled a voice. “It’s good to see you’re well, oh I'm sorry did you hurt your arm?” It was Moragana. She had somehow survived the blast and had found me before the others. “You abandoned me you know that day I fell. You left me to die,” I heard between bouts of maniacal laughter. Although she had found me before the others, I had woken before then and still had my weapons on me. I brandished one of my throwing knives and focused on where the laughter was coming from. With a little help from my helmet’s targeting system, I tossed my knife and the laughter stopped. Moragana was down but definitively not out. I bullet bounced off of my chestplate without leaving a dent. Moragana was soon upon me with her greatsword, and we quickly became locked in combat. The fight was going nowhere until Moragana jabbed at my chest and by sheer luck, hit the hit the bullet imbedded into my armor. The bullet erupted through the armor and into my chest. I doubled over in pain. “Ha, now you will feel the pain I felt and that I continue to feel now. She raised her sword above my neck and I waited for death to come. It never did. I think I may of blacked out, for when I awoke, Moragana had her back turned to me and was attacking a little girl. The girl was losing and Moragana was enjoying toying with her. Her interest gone, she swatted the girl with the broad side of her sword and she flew back. I became filled with a sudden hate for the creature that Moragana had become and charged at her. Upon pure instinct I rammed Mancer’s arm through her chest, aimed at her heart, and Mancer took over the rest. Within moments Moragana’s corpse went limp and Mancer let it drop to the ground. I noticed that my arm was no longer bent or broken.
“Thank you” Said Mancer.
“Why so?” I asked
“Well as you saw, I was injured on the fall. Moragana’s corpse was being possessed by a demon. Although the souls of the living can replenish my energy only the souls of demons can regenerate me,” Explained Mancer. “Although you my friend, seem to be injured yourself. It looks like the bullet hasn’t pierced any organs, and is still partially in your armor. It’ll hurt but you won’t die from it,” He continued.
“Great. Any ideas on where everyone else is?” I inquired.
“Actually yes. You fell out of the truck while it flew through the air and the truck kept going. It should be north from here.” Detailed Mancer.
I noticed something lying in the ground near where I had fallen. It was my crossbow! I guess I had landed on top of it since it was practically broken in half. I decided to get Stora to try and fix it. With that I gritted my teeth started off in a northern direction trusting my helmet to guide me through the fog.
Chapter 10
Meanwhile, the rest of the hunter squad was licking its wounds. The vehicle had been badly damaged during the fall and Stora was working hard to fix it. The Defender had broken his arm in the fall, and Irin had an arrow in the leg. Rika was very busy tending to the two. Avril had suffered a mild concussion from the impact and was recovering. iZ had survived the crash with only cuts and burns helped Rika and Stora out as best he could. Morale was low since Seth had once again gone missing. Stora was in the process of re-attaching the front mounted machine gun when a figure stumbled through the mist.
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