Dragon Tale

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Dragon Tale

Postby *Utho (01) on Jul 9 2010, 7:22am

Do not post here. I will make a feedback section. Here I go.

Chapter 1

Utho walked into the inn. He saw that Bull, one of his best friends, was already at a table.
“Hi Bull! Anything new?”
Bull started to speak, “Did you hear about the” He was cut off by the sound of someone screaming the worst possible words.
That was very bad. The two countries, Warden and Velsaguard, have been in war for over twelve years with no side giving ground. The war has lasted a long time and it will last a lot longer.
“We have to do something Bull! That army already has already destroyed the city of Carmyne! If we don’t do something they will destroy us too!” Utho exclaimed.
​“What are we going to do? We aren’t soldiers!” Bull replied.
​“Remember those old tales about the Dragon Knights? They brought peace to the world during the Great War, a thousand years ago.”
​“The dragons aren’t around any more. Besides, great heroes, like Migz and Rige, have searched for them and they died, we aren’t anything like them.”
​   “Do you really have a better idea of what to do? Two peasants can’t help a city under siege.”
​“Well…fine. Got nothing better to do. Let’s talk to Lord Bam. He’ll know what to do.”
​Utho and Bull walked through the streets with the sounds of blacksmiths making more swords and soldiers putting on their armor. They finally reached the palace steps. Utho looked up and saw hundreds of steps that led up to the doors.
​“You have got to be kidding me,” Utho remarked.
​“This was your idea Utho,” Bull said.
​Then they started to climb.
A half hour later…
​Utho and Bull walked through the doors and saw a couple of guards.
​“We need to have an audience with Lord Bam,” Bull told one of the guards.
​“Very well. Be quick about it. Lord Bam already has enough problems to deal with.”
​Utho and Bull walked into the court. Lord Bam was sitting on his golden throne high above them.
​“Someone has a bit of an ego,” Utho whispered to Bull.​
Then the lord started to speak, “Why are you two here? I hope it is important.”
​“We have come to stop the war. We would like to try and find the dragons. We hope that by saving the dragons we can bring back the Dragon Knights. Which will restore peace to the world. We cannot sit by and watch the army destroy this city. We would like two horses, supplies and weapons for the journey. With your bidding, we would like to try to save the world,” Utho explained.
​“Normally, I would laugh at this silly idea but it seems that you are our only hope now. A rather slim hope. I have seen this army and I know what it can do. We might be able to hold them off for a while but once they realize that physical force will not work they will surround us, cutting off our supply of food. We will be overrun. I will give you all the things you need and more. I will send my son, Prince Chaz, with you. He knows how to fight and I hope you two will learn something from him if you are going to survive out there.”
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Re: Dragon Tale

Postby *Utho (01) on Jul 9 2010, 7:30am

Chapter 2

The prince walked in.
​“I have to go with these people! I already said sorry dad! I won’t take the chariot for a joy ride ever again but please, don’t make me go!” Chaz complained.
​“This is not punishment. This is a test. If you can save us, then you are ready to rule the city. If not, then there won’t be a city to rule. Try your best son,” Lord Bam explained.
​After a bit more whining, Chaz finally agreed to go.
​After Bam was out of earshot Chaz said, “This had better work you two. Well, seeing as I’m stuck with you two, I’ll try to help. But I doubt you guys could ever learn to use a sword. Follow me. You can select your weapons then we must be off.”
​Utho and Bull shuffled into the forge.
​The smith greeted them, “Hey! Never seen you two around here before! Well, I suppose you are the people Chaz told me about. Come with me. You can select your swords. It’s a big thing. Picking your sword may be the most important decision you will ever make.”
​The smith directed them to the rack of swords hanging by the wall. Utho picked up one. It was short and light. That meant it was used for quickness, not for a long battle. He put it down and tried out a new one. It was a claymore. Big and heavy and in the right hands, it was dangerous. It was meant for two-handing and powerful swings.
​“I’ll take this one,” Utho told the blacksmith.
​“Ah yes, the claymore. One of my favorites. It’s hard letting it go but I think you’ll take good care of her.”
​Bull picked up a long sword. It is a balanced sword, not quick but not slow either.
​“I’m gonna go with this one.” Bull exclaimed.
​“Alright then. Now come over here. I already made your armor and put it in these bags. Come take them and you can be on your way.”
​Utho and Bull walked away with their new swords and armor. Chaz greeted them outside the forge.
​“So, hope you got good stuff. You’re going to need them. Well we are going to spend the night here and leave in the morning.
​They walked to a room with three beds. Nice beds.
​“As you are probably asking why I’m sleeping in here. My father wants us to get to know each other. Not by any choice of mine,” Chaz explained.
​They put all their stuff down and got ready for bed.
​“So…where are we going to start? We have no idea where we are going,” Utho questioned.
​Chaz answers, “We are going to see to see the Oracle.”
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Re: Dragon Tale

Postby *Utho (01) on Jul 9 2010, 5:17pm

Chapter 3

​Well of course they would go to see the Oracle. She was the only person that could make sense of the matter.
​"And also, you can pick out your horses in the morning," Chaz informed them.
​Utho gave him a suprised look.
​"What? Did you really think that when going on a quest to save the world that my father would go cheap on us? No, he'll give you anything you need for the journey. Well anyway, off to bed. We have a long journey ahead of us."
​Everybody all tucked up and fell alseep. They were awoken by the sound of a gong. Bull and Utho nearly jumped out of their beds and found the prince holding a hammer.
​"Had to wake you up. Lord Bam says that we have to be out of here soon and you still need to pick out horses. Follow me down to the stables," Chaz answered.
​Utho and Bull got ready fast and went with Chaz.
​"Well ya didn't have to hit a gong," Bull grumled.
​It was a long walk through the palace. There were paintings and oranate decorations hanging on the walls. Prince Chaz was greeted by all the servants and other palace residents. Utho felt almost bad for Chaz, having to leave here. On the other hand, it will be fun watching him make his own dinner.
​"I can see why you don't want to leave," Utho told Chaz.
​Chaz chuckled. "That's why I complained so much. But it's good getting out I suppose. I have to do it sometime."
​At last, they finally got to the stables. All of the horses were lined up in their pens. They were beautiful creatures. Not the kind you would see in the markets.
​The stablemaster cheerfully greeted them. "Hello Chaz! I see you brought some new friends! Chaz I already have your horse prepared over there. And you two, ready to get a new friend? Come on over here, I'll show you the horses."
​Chaz jogged over to his horse, getting it ready for the adventure ahead, and Utho and Bull went with the stablemaster to see the horses. Utho walked over to a particularly happy young steed and Bull came across a sleek, black horse.
​The stablemaster went over to Bull, "I can see you have your eye on this one. Her name's Jude. She's been around a little longer than the others and has more experience. She'll serve you well."
​Then he went toward Utho, "Ah this one here is Krizak. He pretty much just matured so he's still a bit jumpy but if you take good care of him, he'll do great."
​Utho and Bull walked off with their new friends and rode them around a little.
​Utho yelled at Bull, "Wanna race?"
​"Ok! I'll come to you!"
​Jude sprinted over to Utho.
​"Ok, we'll go around that pole and back. First one back wins. On your mark. Get set. Go!
​At first, Krizak sped ahead of Jude but after a little while longer Jude overcame Krizak. Then the race was over. Jude won by a longshot.
​"Well that was fun!" Bull exclaimed.
​"Sorry to interrupt but we have got to get going. Our adventure starts now. Are you gonna chicken out now?
​"Heck no." Utho said.
​"Ok then. Away we go!"
​And with that, they were off.

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Re: Dragon Tale

Postby *Utho (01) on Jul 10 2010, 1:13pm

Chapter 4

The group started to head out. There was a dense forest on each side of the road. It was mostly quiet on the road with no interruption. When it was dinnertime, it got a little more louder.
​"Make me dinner, Utho, I'm hungry," The prince said.
​"Really? I'm hungry too. How about you use those hunting bows that your dad gave us and get your own dinner," Utho replied.
​"How dare you insolent scum! I am a prince and you need to treat me with respect."
​That brought laughter from both Utho and Bull.
​"Well. Fine. I can get my own dinner. I don't need you two. We'll meet back here in an hour. Try to hit something with the bows," Prince Chaz said.
​All of them picked up hunting bows and set off into different areas. After an hour they all came back with a full game sack. Utho opened his up first.
​"I got a deer and a hare. What did you get Bull?" Utho announced.
​"I brought us back four hares," Bull answered.
​Then Chaz spoke, "I got a rabbit."
​"ONE! YOU ONLY GOT ONE!" Utho yelled while laughing, "You've been out for an hour! What were you doing? Whatever. Let's eat what we have."
​Utho started to make a stew with rabbits and a couple of herbs he picked up. A little while later it was ready. He handed Bull and Chaz a bowl and started to eat. Utho and Bull munched down the stew but Chaz only picked at it a little.
​"Come on Chaz. I must say for myself that it is delicious," Utho said.
​After a while of putting it off Chaz's stomach rumbled and he started to eat it. Once he finished Chaz started to speak.
​"Tomorrow, you guys will start your training in swords. While you were hunting I got us some nice sticks for training. Hope your ready," Chaz said this with a grim smile on his face.
​They all got out their bedrolls and went to sleep. When they woke Bull and Utho saw Chaz sitting on a log with the practice sticks out.
​"Here, I warmed up the leftover stew. When you're done come get your practice sticks and come spar with me," Chaz told them.
​Utho and Bull ate and got their sticks.
​"So, who wants to go first?" The prince asked.
​"I'll go first," Utho answered.
​"Ok then. Utho I want you to try and hit me," Chaz said.
​Utho charged with his sword and Chaz dodged easily.
​"Don't be so predictable Utho. It will get you killed. Try again," Chaz said this after a nice whap on Utho's back.
​ After much laughing by Bull, Utho started again. Utho tried to do a feint but Chaz saw through it and countered it. Utho did everything he could think of to hit him. Then Chaz started to attack him. Chaz started a high swing. Utho barely dodged it and tried to hit Chaz's legs. Chaz jumped and in mid air he brought the sword down. Chaz stopped the sword an inch from Utho's head.
​" You're dead. Try again."
​Utho swung. Chaz ducked and hit Utho in the knees. Utho fell to the ground. By this time, Bull was rolling on the floor laughing.
​"You need more practice, Utho. Ok Bull, your turn," The prince said.
​Bull's laughing suddenly stopped. He picked up his practice sword and went over to Chaz. He looked as if he was going to his execution. He wasn't that much wrong.
​"Ok royal boy, I'll go easy on you. Utho is not much of a-"
​In the seconds Bull was thinking Chaz hit him to the ground with one swing.
​"Ok prince. You wanna take me? Alright then," Bull said confidently.
​Bull began to do a high swing at Chaz's head. Chaz swung back more forcefully and Bull's sword went flying. Mercilessly, Chaz hit Bull with a two-handed swing right in the chest.
​"Owww...." Bull weakly mumbled.
​"I think that's enough for today," Chaz announced, "You two can spar with each other tomorrow. I just wanted to show you what would happen if you sparred with a real swordsman. A word of advice, Bull. Don't get ​, you're really not good."
​And so, our badly bruised heroes and Chaz, got on their horses and made their way to the Oracle.

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Re: Dragon Tale

Postby *Utho (01) on Jul 10 2010, 3:13pm

Chapter 5

​"So this is it," Utho murmured to himself.
​The group looked upon the city of Rige. It was named after the great hero who searched for the dragons, just like them. It was majestic, to say the least. With its high walls and great palace.
​"We have to make our way to the Oracle. Let's ask someone," Bull said.
​Chaz walked up to the nearest guard.
​"Which way to the Oracle?" Chaz asked.
​The guard looked at Chaz like he had gone mad.
​"We're new here."
​The guard sighed and said, "Go to the temple next to the palace. I hope this is important. She doesn't like to be bothered with unimportant things," the guard said.
​Chaz, Bull, and Utho put their horses in the stables, tipped the stable boy, and started to walk toward the woman that knew everything. When they finally got to the temple of the Oracle they saw a massive line stretching out from the door. Suddenly, the Oracle stepped out and started to speak.
​"Will the three men who just came from the city of Lord Bam please come in. We have much to discuss."
​That started a murmur through the crowd,
​"Well," Utho said, "time to meet the Oracle."
​The three made their way to the Oracle's chamber.
​Chaz started to speak, "Hi, I'm-"
​The Oracle cut him off, "Yes, Chaz. I know who you are. I know your friends, Utho and Bull, are eager to hear what I have to say."
​"How did you..." Bull mumbled.
​The Oracle laughed, "I wouldn't be much of an Oracle if I didn't know who the three people of legend are. It was written in stone, by the first Oracle, that three people would journey out of all they know and fix the worst problem the world has ever known. The disappearance of the dragons. In fact, I know where the dragons are. But there is a problem. To get to them, you need the blood of the heroes of legend."
​"Well, where are they then?" Bull questioned.
​"Let's start from the beginning. Here is the prophecy that has been handed down from Oracle to Oracle.
​An evil so great will lock them away
​Imprisoned until the legendary day
​The quest that seems too much to bear
​Will prove to be a great despair
​But three heroes with hearts pure and good
​Will bring the dragons back to where they should

I will tell you what the prophecy means. The evil it talks about is Nightmare. He used to be a good man. He was an ordinary person. Or he used to be. During the Great War, his town was attacked by Raiders. Raiders were the bad guys. They used dragons not as peace bringers but as weapons. He was out hunting but his wife, children, and friends were all burned alive in a dragon strike. He vowed revenge. He learned Dark Magic. Magic in general is banned now but back then, people were trained as Dark Mages to fight. He killed many dragons with his magic and tricked some into coming with him to the Underground City of Dorte or back then it was known as the City of Magic. He said that there were good people to be trained as true Dragon Knights there and he wanted the dragons to meet them. When they went into Dorte, Nightmare locked the doors with a powerful spell and he led the dragons deep into Dorte. When they got into the heart of Dorte, Nightmare imprisoned the dragons in rock. They are still alive but they have been locked in an underground city for a thousand years. He created skeletal guardians that guard the dragons and to this day, Nightmare remains inside Dorte, growing powerful."
​There was a stunned silence as the three absorbed all this knowledge.
​"So how are we supposed to do this! First off, we can't even get in. Second, there are skeletal guards. Last, how are we supposed to kill and thousand-year-old Dark Mage?!?" Chaz asked.
​"Anyone can destroy a spell. In the Great War, the leaders of the four united cities decided that no spell should be invincible so they decided that if someone gets the approval of the leaders they can destroy one spell. You guys would have to get the approval of Lord Bam, the ruler of the city of Mau. Lady Cansem, the ruler of the city of Prov. Lord Emech, the ruler of the city of Carmyne. Lastly, the Psycho Emperor, the ruler of the city of Flava. Just by Chaz being here you already have the approval of Lord Bam. Now you need the other three. Good luck and I hope you don't get killed!"
With that, the group walked towards the palace of Lady Cansem.

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Re: Dragon Tale

Postby *Utho (01) on Jul 10 2010, 7:49pm

This story is brought to you by the iWrite Co.
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Re: Dragon Tale

Postby *Utho (01) on Jul 11 2010, 10:32am

Chapter 6

The Oracle asked for Bull to stay behind for a little bit while Prince Chaz and Utho went to the palace of Lady Cansem. They saw that just like Lord Bam, there were hundreds of steps. Chaz and Utho climbed the stairs in silence but finally, they got to the doors of the palace.
​"The Oracle sent us," Utho told the guard.
​The guard immediately opened the doors for them and they walked inside. The throne room was more or less just like Lord Bam's. They explained their mission to Lady Cansem.
​"So you have to get my approval?" Lady Cansem chuckled, "Very well, dragon searchers. I have a tournament tomorrow. There are fifteen fighters so far. One of you will enter. If you win, then you have proved yourself worthy to search for the dragons. Good luck, dragon searchers."
​Chaz spoke, "I will enter the tournament milady. I will prove my worth."
​"Ok then. I will put you in the brackets," Lady Cansem finished.
​With that, Utho and Chaz left the throne room to find Bull outside. He was panting from the long climb up.
​"Come on Bull. We're going down," Chaz said.
​"What! I just got up!"
​"Sucks to be you. I'll tell you what the lady had to say on the way down."
​The reunited group went back down the stairs. Chaz explained what he had to do starting tomorrow. Lady Cansem paid for a room at the best inn in the city. Utho and Bull explored the city and resupplied their food for the road while Chaz went to practice for the big day tomorrow. Night fell and Chaz met Bull and Utho at the inn. There was some small talk then they all went to sleep. They were woken by the sounds of bells.
​"You ready Chaz?" Bull asked.
​"Ready as I'll ever be. Come on my fight starts in a hour," Chaz answered.
​Utho and Bull helped Chaz with his armor and watched as Chaz entered the arena. The rules were simple. Either kill them or let them surrender either way, you win. Utho and Bull entered the stands and sat down. When the bell rings, the fight begins.
​The fight began. Chaz let the other guy charge. Utho knew what Chaz was doing. Chaz ducked and brought up his sword. It sliced the guy on the left arm. His opponent dropped his shield and fought with only his sword. Everyone knew Chaz would win but the other guy put up a pretty good fight. Chaz then charged himself. He tried hitting the other knight on the right and then spun and hit him on the left. The hit landed and the match was over. The crowd cheered. Chaz walked off the killing field and prepared for Round 2.
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Re: Dragon Tale

Postby *Utho (01) on Jul 12 2010, 11:19am

Chapter 7

Chaz stepped out of the arena. He went back to the fighter's quarters just outside the arena. The next fight on was between some newcomer just like Chaz and the reigning grand champion Fire Dragon. That was what the crowd nicknamed him. It was over before it began. The newcomer was shaking.
Fire Dragon charged the poor fella. The other guy barely had the power to draw his sword.  Fire Dragon dropkicked him and the other knight fell to the ground then Fire Dragon held his sword at the newcomer's throat.
​"I SURRENDER! I SURRENDER!" the newcomer shouted.
It was over in twelve seconds. Fire Dragon could have killed the other guy in twelve seconds. Utho and Bull were still staring at the arena. Then Fire Dragon walked past them and walk over to his section of the fighter's quarters.
​"So he's the guy you have to beat Chaz," Utho said.
​"Yeah. If I don't die next round," Chaz replied.
More advancement fights took place until it was time for the semi-finals. Chaz's next opponent was a mysterious one. He demolished his first round opponent as well. Chaz got his armor on and made his way out on the killing field. Now covered with bloodstains of the fallen. His opponent went out as well.
They both charged. Their swords met in the middle. It was a flurry of parries, stabs, and slices. After a little while, Chaz's opponent gave ground. Chaz started to attack more aggressively a his opponent had weakened his defence. After a nice whack, the other knight's sword went flying. His opponent held up his hands as a sign of surrender. Round 2 was over.
Chaz walked off and went back into the fighter's quarters. He was greeted by Bull.
​"Lady Cansem told us that the finals will be tomorrow."
​"Ok. I need to nap for about fifteen hours anyway. If any little kids come by and ask for my autograph say that-" Bull cut him off.
​"That I'll wake you up?" He inquired. Bull did a bad job of keeping a straight face.
​"No! That I'm asleep and not to be disturbed. Good afternoon and good night, Bull."
After Chaz left, Utho and Bull watched the other fight. Fire Dragon eviscerated his opponent again. At high noon tomorrow morning will be the Championship battle. They changed the rules for this next battle. No surrender. Apparently Lady Cansem is not such a nice lady after all. Bull and Utho made their way back to the inn. Only to find that outside their door was drunken fans screaming,
​"All of you get out of the way and stop making so much noise! If Chaz doesn't get any sleep then you can all watch him die in the arena!" Utho shouted.
They couldn't argue with that logic so they went back downstairs. They walked in to find a grumpy Chaz laying his bed. The moment he saw them he grumbled,
​"Took you long enough. I got a five minute nap before someone realized that I just walked by. Real great fans."
He went on to grumble something about breaking arms but they decided to drop the matter.  Utho and Bull got ready for bed. when they finally laid down Chaz was already asleep. The same bells woke them up the next morning. When they woke, they heard the same fans chanting outside their door.
​"Oh lord," Chaz mumbled.
​Utho pushed the door open an started to yell, "MAKE WAY FOR THE CHAMPION! HE WON'T BE ABLE TO FIGHT IF HE CAN'T GET TO THE ARENA!"
Silently, all the fans got out of the way and Chaz stepped outside. Suddenly, all the fans picked up Chaz and carried him downstairs and out the door. Utho and Bull looked at each other and shrugged. Then they sprinted out the door. Outside there were even more Chaz fans. The fans made a path that led to the arena. When the guys carrying Chaz got to the fighter's quarters they put him down gently, gave some encouraging comments and went into the stands. Utho and Bull walked over to Chaz. After a moment of silence Chaz spoke.
​"It beats walking."
They all laughed and then help Chaz put on his armor for one last time in the arena. Fire Dragon stepped out onto the arena. The crowd gave a big cheer. Then Chaz stepped out and the crowd absolutely roared.
Chaz charged Fire Dragon. Right before Chaz got in range of Fire Dragon's sword he stopped and watched as his opponents sword scratched his armor. Then Chaz lunged in for a quick jab at Fire Dragon. Fire Dragon's armor mostly blocked the blow but it did do damage. Fire Dragon got enraged and charged. Chaz was quicker and right before Fire Dragon swung Chaz hit Fire Dragon's right arm. Fire Dragon's armor stopped the arm from being cut off but the force of the blow broke his arm. Fire Dragon stumbled a bit and Chaz took this opportunity to make a powerful downward strike on Fire Dragon's head that Fire Dragon almost dodged. Instead of the head, it hit his left knee which broke. Then Fire Dragon took off his chest piece and said,
​"Finish me..."
Chaz struck one more time. This time, it was a killing blow. The crowd roared in excitement. Then Lady Cansem walked onto the killing field.
​"Bravo! Bravo! I never thought anyone would beat him!" said Lady Cansem, "It appears that you get the trophy this year!" She motioned for the person with the trophy to bring it out.
​"I know you don't want to bring it will you on the trip so you can get it on the way back. Also, one more thing. I, Lady Cansem, ruler of Prov would like to bestow on you, my approval to destroy the barrier guarding Dorte."
She had Chaz hold it for a while for the crowd to see and then took it back with her.
Chaz then stepped off the field for the last time and into the fighter's quarters. He had a shocked look on his face. Like he just realized how gruesome that battle was.
​"Let's get out of here guys. This place will be packed and I don't want to stay in this city for a second longer than I have to," Chaz told them.
​"I already packed Chaz," Utho said, "Let's be on our way."
The group got their horses and started to ride out of the city. After a little, Bull started to speak,
​"We'll have to go back to Mau. Then from there we can-" Bull stopped.
He saw something in the distance. It was a person on a horse riding towards them. When the rider got close they saw who it was. It was Chaz's semi-finals opponent. They drew their swords when he got near. Then they heard the knight speak,
​"Woah there! Easy boys! I'm not here to kill you," She said. It was a girl.
Utho, Bull, and Chaz were staring.
​"You're not used to a girl fighter are you?" She chuckled, "Hi, my name is Dani. The Oracle told Lady Cansem that you guys would need some help on your little adventure."
They kept staring.
​"Well I know a shortcut to Carmyne. Come on. Follow me," Dani then started to walk on a road towards Carmyne.
​"Are you coming?" She asked.
Bull, Chaz, and Utho looked at each other. Looked at Dani who was moving down the road. Then they signaled for their horses to sprint towards her. Leaving the city of Prov in the dust.
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Re: Dragon Tale

Postby *Utho (01) on Jul 13 2010, 2:31pm

Chapter 8

It was mostly quiet on the road. This shortcut Dani referred to was the String of Cities. It was a string of small villages that led all the way to Carmyne.
​"So Dani, how are we supposed to get the approval of Emech? Isn't he dead? I mean, the city was destroyed," Utho inquired.
​She answered, "Oh no. It wasn't destroyed. Just rumors. The Warden army is now occupying it. It's too good of a strategic position for them. Carmyne has roads to all the cities of Velsguard, Mau, Prov, and Flava. And Emech is a prisoner."
​"So how are four, armed Velsas supposed to get in?"
​"We shall find out when we get there. "
They saw the first of the String of Cities up ahead. They rode past it. It was still afternoon and Dani assured them that they'll stop at the third city and have enough time for sword practice. About five hours later, they reached Tsimao. The third city.
​"We'll stop here," Chaz announced, "There should be an inn here."
And there was one. They paid the innkeeper and then it was sword time. Bull got his and Utho's practice sword.
​"Alright Utho. I'll take it easy on you, Utho. I don't want to hurt you," Bull said.
Utho hit Bull's knee as hard as he could. Bull got angry. Bull just swung however he could. Utho blocked most but some connected.
​"Hold it!" Chaz yelled, "Utho, you have to be faster and also block at the hilt. You have more power and control there. Bull, don't get so emotional. Battle!"
Utho charged and brought down a powerful swing. Bull took what Chaz had said to Utho and used it against him. He blocked the shot at the hilt. He easily flung the sword away and then swung. Utho ducked then did an uppercut with his fists. It connected.
​"Hey! This is a SWORD fight Utho!" Bull exclaimed.
​"So?" Chaz asked, "He used what he had. This is just a fight. Utho, don't let him fling your sword away either."
Utho got his sword and they started back up. After a while they all realized that Utho just wasn't as good. It wasn't like Bull had any more practice it was just...Utho didn't seem meant to wield a sword. They finished up and checked in to the Tsimao Inn. They got ready and went to bed. Then it was morning again. And the group set out. They rode and then found and town and sparred. They did this for three nights until, finally, Carmyne came into view. It looked like a normal city until they got closer. It's walls were half broken by siege engines and the farms outside were burned. All in all, it looked broken. Also, they saw tents outside. They were Velsaguard tents. The group rode over to them. There were a mix of people there: farmers, merchants, and soldiers. Someone rode up to them. He was wearing a guard uniform.
​"Who are you and why are you here?"
Prince Chaz explained the whole thing to him
​"Well it's gonna be hard now. Emech is in the castle dungeon and Warden left five hundred troops to guard the city."
​"How many soldiers are here?"
​"Around twenty," the guard said, "but Warden has about two hundred prisoners. If we free them, we stand a chance. Follow me. I'll take you to the Captain of the guard."
They followed him into the camp. There was one old man that stood out. He was perfectly still but his eyes followed you.
​"Who's that?" Utho asked the guard.
​"That is the Sage. No one knows how old he is but he was around when the city was founded so he is definitely a Mage but no one wants to be the one that tells him magic is banned. He hasn't spoken. Ever. Well, here's Captain Val."
Chaz explained everything to Val.
​"Hmmm...I have an idea for you. We retake the castle. Here's what we should do..."
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Re: Dragon Tale

Postby *Utho (01) on Jul 13 2010, 8:34pm

Chapter 9

Bull walked into the soldier's barracks of Castle Carmyne. He saw a lot of soldiers. He thought to himself,
​"Why did I volunteer for this job?"
Captain Val told them earlier that they had a Warden soldier's uniform so one person could sneak into the castle. The whole plan was a complicated one but they knew it could work. It had to work. There were sentries that guarded the prisoners throughout the night. They took shifts of two hours. His job was that when that two hours were up, he'd knock out the next sentry and then relieve the current one. He'd then unlock the prisoners cells so when he gave the signal, they could pick up swords and help the fight. Also, he had to open the gates of the city and lower the drawbridge so the men and Dani can rush in and attack. Hopefully, it would work. The fate of the world depended on it.
Meanwhile outside the city...
Things were tense outside. Everyone was scared for the battle ahead. It would be a hard one. Utho was patrolling the tents when suddenly he heard his name,
​"Utho.....come here boy. We have much to talk about."
He looked around.
​"Who said that?" Utho asked.
Then he saw who it was. It was Sage. The guard said he'd never spoken to anyone before.
​"Utho, I need to speak with you," Sage said.
​"Why are you talking to me? Out of all the people in the world, why are you talking to me?"
​"Because you're the only person worthy. Back in the times of the Great War, Mages found people that they could train to be new Mages. In the past thousand years, you are the first person I have ever found that has the power to be a Mage. Most people, casting a single spell would suck the energy out of them. Some people that have tried casting a spell when he is not a Mage gets put into a deep sleep for years. Those are the lucky ones. Most people would die casting a simple spell. But you...you have the power. If you were trained, you would be more powerful than me."
​"Would you train me?" Utho asked.
​"No. I can't. I'm going to die soon and I know it."
​"So why are you telling me this if no one can teach me?"
"There is a temple right next to the palace. There are four pillars inside of it. At the bottom of the back right pillar there is a marked brick. Push it and a staircase will appear. At the bottom of the staircase is a pool of water. Drink the water you will know everything I know about magic."
​"I...will be a Mage?"
​"Yes, you will. The first one in a thousand years," Sage's voice started to fade, "Good bye, Utho. Save the world for me..."
Then the legendary Sage died.
Back in Castle Carmyne...
The shift was almost over. Bull made his way towards the prisons. He found the guard that was going to relieve the latest sentry.
​"So, going to the prisons?" Bull asked.
​"Yeah. Why?" the guard responded.
​"Just making sure."
Then Bull punched him and knocked him out. He dragged the unconscious guard into a closet and then Bull went to the prisons. He saw the half-asleep sentry on duty.
​"Hi, I'm supposed to relieve you," Bull lied.
​"About time," the guard replied. He got up and walked away.
​When Bull knew that no one was in earshot he talked to the prisoners,
​"Listen up," Bull said in a quiet tone, "I'm going to give you the keys. I'm not a guard so don't attack me. After your cell is unlocked pass the keys through the bars. Keep the doors shut so the guards don't catch you before the battle. When you start to hear fighting, break out, grab a weapon, and kill any Wardens on sight. Got it?"
He saw the prisoners nod and get to work on the locks.
​"One job done," Bull said to himself, "Now to get to the gates."
Bull left Castle Carmyne and walked through the town. After a while he finally got to the walls of the city. He saw that there were stairs leading up to the top of the walls, just as Captain Val explained. Val also told him that there were two levers he had to pull. One for the drawbridge so the troops outside can get to the city and one for the gate so they can get in. Bull walked up to the top of the walls. He saw that a couple yards away was the drawbridge lever. He also saw that there were a lot of guards were up there as well.
​"Here goes nothing," he muttered.
He pulled the lever. It was louder than he had hoped but it worked. The drawbridge was lowering.
​"Hey! Stop him!" a guard shouted.
A soldier charged Bull. He swung at Bull. Bull blocked and he struck with his own sword. One down, nineteen more guards left on top of the walls. Bull started to run towards the second lever. Many guards attacked but Bull killed one after the other. They were bad fighters. They were probably just given a sword and told to go whack anything bad. Then Bull saw an archer. Bull charged him. The archer calmly loaded, aimed, and fired. Suddenly an arrow hit Bull's shoulder. Bull screamed in pain but kept running. When Bull got close the archer, the archer ran for his life. Bull saw the lever to the gates in front of him. Bull pulled the second lever and the gates started to open.
​"My work is done. Now I can-AHH!" Bull yelled.
A second arrow hit Bull. Bull fell to the ground. The world started to fade. Things got blurry but one thing put a smile on his face. He heard the troops cross the bridge. He also heard the prisoners charge from behind. The invasion of Carmyne had begun. Then, everything went dark. Bull, the dragon searcher, passed away.
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