Hippy's guide to Indi Lowland

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Hippy's guide to Indi Lowland

Postby -hippy- on Jun 11 2019, 11:25am

Hi all,

I've noticed that the overall knowledge in the Kaw community is relatively low compared to other wars since not much of the community did lowland wars in the past

So I figured I would make a little guide to make it easier to war in Lowland

First off, if you don't read anything else, please read the next part about builds. I've seen a lot of pretty bad builds in lowland it makes your team play at a HUGE disadvantage.

You get 24 lowland buildings. You are a hansel if less than 25% of your non tower buildings are troop buildings. You are a tank if more than 75% of your non tower buildings are troop buildings. You are a hybrid if 25%-75% of your non-tower buildings are troop buildings

The main reason why hybrids are useful in war is because they can attack hansels that have zero gold. If a tank tries to attack a zero gold hansel (even if the hansel has full troops) the hansel will be dtw. But if you cast hybrid you have to spend buildings on Strongholds of Shadow (sos) which limit the number of towers and troop buildings you have.
Builds in lowland today:

Notation: 12/3/4/5 means 12 COE, 3 adt, 4 SOS, 5 SDT

Hybrids: Minimum 12 Circle of Elements (COE), minimum 2 ADT (you dont have as many COE so you need ADT to not get skimmed down), minimum 4 SOS (to be a hybrid), minimum 4 SDT. This leaves 2 free buildings. Note that if you build a 13th COE you will need to build another SOS to keep HYB mechs. My recommendation is going 12/3/4/5 or 13/2/5/4 if you want to be more aggressive

PS1: This is a very aggressive build and should only be casted if a lot of people are casting tanks and you are FAST and ACTIVE. if PS1 go down opposing ps1 can STEAL your repin and opposing hyb can ATK your repin for very easy gold. Its very likely you will leak a STEAL KO (pays around 35m) or an attack ko (pays around 30m) which is very very bad. The only PS1 build is 1/0/23/0 with a Titans Lair instead of a COE. Please try to get on PC and be ready to be fast if you cast ps1

Tanks: This is the most common build in the top bracket now. You need a minimum of 14 COE, minimum of 1 ADT, MAX of 1 SOS, and minimum of 5 SDT. This leaves 3 buildings for your choice. DO NOT cast TANK with more than 1 SOS. your spies will fail almost every action regardless. 5 SDT makes it so that 5 SOS hybrids have around a 30% chance to win assn. The 6th SDT will lower that to 15-25% (haven't tested, just estimating). This build is very good if you can be on PC or phone. You can tank troops and eat regens and make a TON of money

PS: Dont cast ps in war. Please. PS1 is much better. The only thing you can do assn down targets. if you steal or hit repins opposing team gets tons of free attacks if they catch you and a mistake like that can single-handedly lose your team the war

Anything else: Don't cast without changing to one of the builds above

Ok now those are the most common builds in lowland.
How do you war these builds?
Their troops are not strong enough to skim people on the other side effectively so they should focus on hitting the regens of the opponents zero troop targets and should be skimming ASSN on the easiest hybrid/tank on the opposing team. For the most part, hybrids should assn same target. You can tank troops until around 45% if you have 3 adt without leaking overwhelming attacks so be sure to dive at 45% troops

Tanks and ps1 and how to wc guide coming soon
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Re: Hippy's guide to Indi Lowland

Postby XoXoX on Jun 11 2019, 11:28am

so because theyre the most common you shouldnt cast if you dont have them? :lol: TPS FTW
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Re: Hippy's guide to Indi Lowland

Postby Raphtalia on Jun 11 2019, 12:53pm

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Re: Hippy's guide to Indi Lowland

Postby IlWARll-_DEMON_-llLORlI on Jun 11 2019, 2:35pm

But how to know how to war in lowlands I'm curious , it's pointless having a build if you don't know what to do ?
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Re: Hippy's guide to Indi Lowland

Postby Glaedr on Jun 11 2019, 3:11pm

Yeah no ps is great and ll if you know what you are doing and can bank fast.
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Re: Hippy's guide to Indi Lowland

Postby xXP_3Xx_-DotNet-_xXP_3Xx on Jun 12 2019, 6:34am

My recommendation for tank is 16-1-1-6, hyb has also been good at 14-1-5-4. You can assume that oppo will have minimal ps1/ps and go more aggressive with less sdt for like 18-1-1-4.
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