Devs remove LL war on line up

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Re: Devs remove LL war on line up

Postby HT-xxllliiAJtheGREATiilllxx-HT on Mar 19 2019, 1:53pm

LL wars were a joke from day one, I pointed that out and got a smart ass meme( in emojis) posted to my wall from Winston.. well thought out
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Re: Devs remove LL war on line up

Postby _____________MuSaNg______IDD__ on Mar 21 2019, 12:52pm

I truly hope lowland will be removed and changed to new war platform. Other way keep Lowland war. Just change the matching up like indi and KA war. This way it’s more open to everyone to cast and war. All we have to do cast for lowland war. Then we can give suggestion in WC to everyone how to build before casting to minimize leakers. It’s cheap way to change build. Should be affordable to everyone to build properly.
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Re: Devs remove LL war on line up

Postby Majin_Venom on Mar 21 2019, 4:22pm

My suggestions to this problem, would be lowering the 15vs15 To 7vs7 , this way it will be a lot easier to make war clan... in 2013 11vs11 was Good until they move it to 20vs20 and it my was let on those killer 15vs15, hard to rostered these days...
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Re: Devs remove LL war on line up

Postby -_-IlXxXIl_SMlLEY_lIXxXlI-_- on Mar 25 2019, 7:43am

I hopen ll war change soon really time consuming to make a roster
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Re: Devs remove LL war on line up

Postby 1_BadAss_Devilish_Rogue__Semzz on Apr 3 2019, 7:21pm

_____________MuSaNg______IDD__ wrote:
howdol wrote:Anyone going to point out that musangs name is a bypass?

Idiot use google to find out what Musang means. It’s an animal indigenous in Philippines, Malaysia and neighbouring country.

Anyone notic3 the 8 missing from musang's name? Byp4ss fixed bb. Cry som3 more about yafi i like reading it. ;)
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