Yafi death is not the end

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Re: Yafi death is not the end

Postby _____________MuSaNg______IDD__ on Apr 6 2019, 1:09pm

SiRIllISiFuIIlILoNGllIIStR0Ke wrote:
AZ___wArlDooMlwAr___TEC wrote:Who is winning tho?

Definitely not poostain and his clan full of alts. Theyre all tiny with no allies. Even twicc 3k who blows his own trumpet with how rich he is, is very smol.
Oh yea he has a top 10 LB account apparently, but he’s too scared to expose it

No incs only big talk.Sadly you can’t send alts in NAL like you did to aah and Osiris to cf on your main
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Re: Yafi death is not the end

Postby Rogueseifer on Apr 7 2019, 2:14am

Seriously though how many alts do you have? Is all of NAL just you and your alts?
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