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Re: Device (Phone) only EE wars

Postby RedHotVixen on Nov 2 2018, 4:23am

IlGlIAllLllAIIXlIYlI wrote:
RedHotVixen wrote:
IlGlIAllLllAIIXlIYlI wrote:No offence, but you only war during asw. There are a lot of issues with wars but whether one plays from phone or pc is not one of them. Personally, i enjoy PC for speed and it introduced me to a totlly new dynamic of warring which actually made me enjoy KaW a lot more! I like the direction warring is going, regarding KA wars. Honestly for even people that track in wars, it would make it so difficult.

Actually no, we had amazing trackers who didnt need a pc to track for years. Who were spot on. Who could track classic/advantage/random with no pc

Can really tell those who have only warred EE while its been declining

So now you are insulting people that actually still try and war lmao? Thats jokes. I still manually track but off pc. If you bothered to cast you would know. ;)

People saying that all these people USED to do it, but when asked upon, does anyone actually bother? No. Honestly lol its just a way of crying.

I have taken part in wars on this game for 5+ years on and off. Not saying I am a pro by any means but I think its fair that I can have an opinion.

So whats your suggestions to up participation- im offering a view shared by many who stopped doing EE, and giving an alternative way to get people back warring again

and i never said no pc wars - infact gave the idea to have pc only wars too ;)

surely thats what everyone wants? to have more players warring

and im also on the return equip rewards bandwagon
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Re: Device (Phone) only EE wars

Postby I-l-l-V-I-S-E-R-I-O-N-l-l-I on Nov 2 2018, 4:52am

Before you speak for the community vixen how about you bother to cast and actually do EE. Haven't seen you cast for a month
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Re: Device (Phone) only EE wars

Postby Adonis-ICE_MaCHiNE on Nov 2 2018, 6:49am

Huge support Vix. Who knows could even inspire me to get back involved...
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