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Re: Device (Phone) only EE wars

Postby Sourcewalker on Oct 31 2018, 8:23am

Vamperous wrote:
Faust wrote:Doesn’t matter if you still leak like a faucet

Someone has to give the other side a chance to make it interesting. Not all of us can be "the God of ee wars" 

Gotta stroke my ego didn’t ya ️
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Re: Device (Phone) only EE wars

Postby OhDamn on Oct 31 2018, 8:25am

Pc master race
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Re: Device (Phone) only EE wars

Postby 1GoDDeSS on Oct 31 2018, 8:44am

Love this idea. Support
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Re: Device (Phone) only EE wars

Postby ads_out on Oct 31 2018, 8:59am

Device wars FTW! I personally like the vibrations 
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Re: Device (Phone) only EE wars

Postby ______________iReg____________ on Oct 31 2018, 9:51am

Faust wrote:Pretty sure wouldn’t work as driod devices have the speed advantage over ios since a recent ish update in terms of speed. Don’t see how making a device only war type matters if a speed discrepancy would still exist. Would like to add not sure as I use iOS if anyone can confirm

I agree. Droid is a crappy phone, but those monkeys in ata always give Droid the best updates well before (if ever) iOS.

Otherwise I think it’s a great idea.
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Re: Device (Phone) only EE wars

Postby 4A6F73-HEX-687561 on Oct 31 2018, 9:54am

Wouldn't work. Could run an Android emulator on PC.
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Re: Device (Phone) only EE wars

Postby I-l-l-V-I-S-E-R-I-O-N-l-l-I on Oct 31 2018, 11:01am

4A6F73-HEX-687561 wrote:Wouldn't work. Could run an Android emulator on PC.
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Re: Device (Phone) only EE wars

Postby -Heritage- on Oct 31 2018, 11:27am

Personally I have never used pc to ee war and dont mind if others want to use it.
For me it's faster on my phone anyways and the layout is much better.
You can't say you don't have the option to war on PC, unless you live in a country that either doesn't sell then or outlaws them.
Saying everyone doesn't have the option of using a pc is like saying we ALL dont have the option to buy xtals.
If you want to war at the beach bring your laptop with an internet stick if it's that big of a problem.
I think the only reason for lack of participation is that you can literally get far superior equipment just hitting an eb, which was the reason more people were involved. Zero perks to waste your time isn't very appealing to some and that I think we can all agree on.
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Re: Device (Phone) only EE wars

Postby -WidEspReaD_PaniC- on Oct 31 2018, 5:03pm

Total support. Devices ftw. I remember when fingers and thumbs mattered.

Make fingers matter again
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Re: Device (Phone) only EE wars

Postby Pogo on Oct 31 2018, 5:15pm

No support. Go buy a laptop. Lock this thread. War on pc is much more easier.
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