when is charm rebalancing

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Re: when is charm rebalancing

Postby ReturnOfMadMax on Aug 12 2018, 3:52am

All the name winston does for me is make me wanna roll a nice fat one
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Re: when is charm rebalancing

Postby xWarRocketAJAXx on Aug 12 2018, 4:40am

To clarify what the 'rebalance' achieved or should have just to be crystal clear.

Not a reduction in the strength of a small acc with charms (good luck hitting them!) but the clan roster position of high charm acc and hence the effective overall clan strength is factored in the match.

I noticed a CR change in the first couple of indi for the low stat / high charm accounts when it was implemented, but it felt like it only happened in a couple of wars before reverting back.

Keep tweaking! Happy Kawing!!

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Re: when is charm rebalancing

Postby sj-inferorum_regnum_69 on Aug 12 2018, 7:25am

[ATA]Winston wrote:
gray-ts wrote:ATA... what’s your eta.

It’s not hard to tweak a few %’s on bonuses from charms during wars. You’re ruining your own game. Your temporarily fix last 2 seconds and it’s back to being unbalanced.

We changed how charms factor in to the matchmaking process and will be monitoring to see whether this is a positive change.

Winston, you / Devs did not rebalance, or close to it, the matching system. Last 6 iwars I've been in prove it.
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Re: when is charm rebalancing

Postby ll_Cockney_Rebel_ll on Aug 14 2018, 3:23am

Charms are killing EE wars. Look at today’s war where teams were badly matched. Top 3 one side 4000 charms other side 1500. Totally wrong
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