Warring! ~ 667

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Warring! ~ 667

Postby Athena on Apr 23 2018, 12:25pm

Hi, it's my 666th post.

I just wanted to mention how all indi wars aren't rigged at all.

The valor of warring still remains, whether you're a obsolete non-charm stacked indi warrior or you spam support to give someone SS because you're salty you lost a LL war again.

The % bonuses used in LL wars shouldn't be placed into Indi, because I too want to spend something like 3 grand to have a statless account make top 10 in war tokens and win a premium pet.

Thank you for your tiem.

P.s. ~ Sponsored by the #MakeWarsGr9Again campaign; where we strive daily to bring old warriors into wars that are now obsolete for anyone that doesn't have thousands to throw into charms on KaW's "black market" trade.

Again, thank you for your time.
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Re: Warring! ~ 667

Postby Infamous on Apr 23 2018, 4:39pm

That was deep
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Re: Warring! ~ 667

Postby Fllyyy on Apr 30 2018, 12:08pm

made me cri.
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Re: Warring! ~ 667

Postby Kasama on Apr 30 2018, 12:14pm

Indi wars aren't rigged?

Fairly sure you can manage to worm an alt onto the enemy team.

That's probs 1 vulnerability.
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Re: Warring! ~ 667

Postby xXD3mOnXx on Apr 30 2018, 1:55pm

Kasama wrote:Indi wars aren't rigged?

Fairly sure you can manage to worm an alt onto the enemy team.

That's probs 1 vulnerability.

Let me introduce you to my good friend Sara Chasm
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Re: Warring! ~ 667

Postby THE-GUY on Apr 30 2018, 4:53pm

Grine(Gr9)? Or great(gr8)?
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Re: Warring! ~ 667

Postby Ashvar on Apr 30 2018, 5:09pm

THE-GUY wrote:Grine(Gr9)? Or great(gr8)?

I think Gr9 is even better than Gr8 - she wants them super.
Either that or Gr9 is a brand of salt.
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Re: Warring! ~ 667

Postby Nate on May 1 2018, 8:17am

The color burnt my eyes
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Re: Warring! ~ 667

Postby Lethe on May 4 2018, 3:32am

hi its my 668th post
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