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Re: Dear War Community

Postby lIlIlIl____AccidentalFarming____lIlIlIl on Feb 28 2018, 9:52am

_-A_tiger_in_disguise-_ wrote:Honestly, I quit wars long ago because I don't have fast device nor fast connection, and even if I tried hard, obeyed wc, etc, all of that worth nothing when u have opponents with faster connection,devices or using bots/clickers. You become the unwanted noob, the fatty short no one wants in their basketball team. So yeah, I quit out of frustration.

In other words, wars are elitist. To participate in a semi serious lowland war clan, you need to fill up A LOT of requirements.

And war community is harsh and offensive if you're new or slow.

I do see where youre coming from with speed, I only use my fastest devices myself, but I think that adds to the challenge, fun, and skill aspect to war as well. I still used to war on my slow device before I got new ones, so I know where youre coming from. While it might have been true at first with lowland wars, there are semi serious warrers out there who take in anybody with the rught build these days due to there not really being many options. You should try it out now, it IS hard to find a clan at all, which is something I mentioned in this thread and why I want so bad to revamp interest in wars, but with any luck, you can get into a semi serious war clan after getting your name out there and talking to a few of the right people
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Re: Dear War Community

Postby xXD3mOnXx on Feb 28 2018, 10:31am

War isnt for everyone. Honestly. I welcome anyone to try, but if you cant learn to war somewhat well then in my eyes you have to move to a lower tier clan (Or just do indi).
The issue is there legit arent any. There are 3 serious LL clans left and then there are the awful FFA clans where all participants should be permanently banned (From wars and kaw).
How do you go about creating an LL clan? Even in its glory days it was difficult. In addition to that, competitive wcing is dying and because of wsrs not being as enjoyable anymore, I can now count the remaining good wc's very easily..
There arent any.
Unless there is some incentive to war (war eq), FFA clans are dealt with (Some of us spend hours organizing a war just to match a FFA clan instead of getting a serious match) and more players start wcing to get some new good wc's, wars will die.
Oh and also.. Kaw overall is dying. Its not just wars. Id guess there are no more than 2000 active players.

Oh and inb4 locked for low effort.
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Re: Dear War Community

Postby LordSavan on Mar 1 2018, 2:38pm

Ill throw up some charms for a independantly set up system war tournment. Its not like i use em in ee anymore.
Best thing the devs could do would be open up the ee system so we can bet and make our own matches with that war sysytem also.
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Re: Dear War Community

Postby EE-Bob_Sacamano-CHAMP on Mar 1 2018, 3:44pm

I couldn't get past the part where you mentioned "hundreds of thousands" of people participating in events.
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