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Re: Make War Great Again

Postby ___SkittIes-__-0v3rLoAD___ on Feb 6 2018, 7:12pm

Moloch_Echo2Charlie wrote:
Radagast wrote:2015 called and they want their forum topic back.


In all seriousness though.

If you want EE skirmish wars fixed you have to get more people to EE war first. There's no reason for DEVS to pay attention to an aspect of the game such a small percentage play. Just food for thought.

A small percentage play these days BECAUSE war needs fixing, many have given up and stopped warring, devs have the power to change this but they dont.
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Re: Make War Great Again

Postby Majin_Venom on Feb 6 2018, 8:55pm

Solution :

Mix Low land rosters ... Similar to Indy
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Re: Make War Great Again

Postby Your_Karma_Bill_Is_Due_Nooblet on Feb 6 2018, 10:17pm

Forget lowland outright. War tiers matching all cs ranges. Let people war the build they worked for. However large or small that may be.
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Re: Make War Great Again

Postby xXD3mOnXx on Feb 6 2018, 10:38pm

Your_Karma_Bill_Is_Due_Nooblet wrote:Forget lowland outright. War tiers matching all cs ranges. Let people war the build they worked for. However large or small that may be.

Doesnt work out, because:
-Equipment is too OP
-Stats are too insanely high
You'd be looking at 20 people warring, tops.
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Re: Make War Great Again

Postby oG-KinGstyleZ on Feb 7 2018, 12:24am

Bring back war eq as a start with that u will see people war again who haven’t been and numbers will be better than it currently is , in saying that we need more war types all the war types are boring and repetitive and stale now . Also s7 would have been good too but that ship has sailed I assume lol
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Re: Make War Great Again

Postby BrokenArrow on Feb 7 2018, 1:30am

War LB should be separated into LL and Indy
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Re: Make War Great Again

Postby Kakashi37 on Feb 7 2018, 12:19pm

BrokenArrow wrote:War LB should be separated into LL and Indy

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Re: Make War Great Again

Postby iDawsonDropJawsSon on Feb 7 2018, 12:40pm

Wars truly will revive if they bring back war equip, if the devs tested it for just 1 event, they would see that. But to keep wars alive, we need a new war type because LL has been around for a couple years, or if they cant come up with a new war type then they do need to make it so losers dont get war tokens if lose a ll war. Also with the bfe, bfe should be counted as stats in indi just like bfa is, the smallest bracket has been taken over by drop builds or alts that get 40k each event and have good equip to wreck people who are bigger with worse equip. These arent even massive changes, theyre simple common sense ones that the devs should try out for 1 event or a shortened event to test it. No doubt that if they did, the amount of wars would be a lot more and a lot more fair in terms of the size difference.
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Re: Make War Great Again

Postby Green-Echo4Legend on Feb 7 2018, 2:51pm

War is dead due to exploits. As much as I hate to say it devs killed wars way back in the PWar days. When they switched to mith drops and introduced ebs to combat the pwar expolit. What happened there was they began to steer the objective of the game. Then they gained some ground with war EQ giving mith a purpose and decent war rewards. Then came the LB/midget expolit. That cut the warring community in half alone. Then when stats got tripled and the non War hit ranges we’re not fixed it drove people away from pvp altogether given you need 10T to upgrade banking in allies became more of a hassle driving more people away from war. They tried to combat that with LL wars which no one wanted cuz why spend money to have an edge only to have it taken away? Then they dropped War EQ and gave both winning and losing sides trophy’s for showing up and it actually became easier to do 1 unload on a regular eb than to sit around for 3 hrs to get 300 event items. The sad truth is there is no fix for wars because the idea of wars are flawed from 8 years ago. Just like the spy build was never intended to be a working build in the original game design. But it was never fixed and they tried to distract us instead digging a deeper and deeper hole. If you really want wars to be fix you need to first appeal to the devs to reduce non war hit ranges, incorporate a build standard (ie: set a maximum tower limit, a maximum spy building limit etc) to help prevent expoits. Or do something like random build type when you sign up for war that devs give you (was mentioned by someone I don’t remember who a few years back) but ultimately the entire game needs to be revamped from the bottom up (hit ranges, pots, cost to upgrade v stats gained etc.) before wars can even be revisited.
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Re: Make War Great Again

Postby Nighthawk_FPBO_1 on Feb 7 2018, 7:28pm

Well Ops all i can say is war has become less and less popular so match ups have larger cs ranges on all matches.

Without any annual War Tourneys it only leaves ppl for renewals mostly.

The incentives or opportunities simply do not exist anymore.
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