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Re: Fixing wars

Postby LordSavan on Nov 11 2017, 8:46am

golthar wrote:
CHUBBY__CHASER wrote:Lowland was suppose to be the alternative to ally bfa wars letting everyone war,any low land build can compete
15 pc users vs 15 average players on mixed platforms are nearly unbeatable in low land so that needs to be addressed with some solution

That’s not quite right historically, and the way we got to this point does matter.

Primal wars were introduced stripping bfa and ally bonus as a way to end roster stacking of ssh paired with lb players dominating the competition and squeezing all others out of the war system.

This worked for a while until a strategy developed for primals to use zted hansels as a viable roster, introducing the need to track regen times and the need for huge speed on both sides (hansels to get down fast on open and not leak regens and hitters to get those tough hits on hansels).

One clan was able to assemble the biggest warring hansels in kaw and dominate the competition, and war just became out of reach for anyone not associated with that clan. War participation died.

So devs introduces ll wars so that size didn’t matter. But they left the same primal mechs in place, making the focus be on speed.

With an even playing field in terms of rostering, speed became the most valuable asset a clan could have, and it became a race to see who could be the fastest, forcing people to focus on that rather than anything else.

It’s the format that is the problem. Instead of really rethinking the system, devs again and again have acted like the Dutch boy at the dike plugging holes in the war system to get to where we are today.

And they know it. They’ve stopped even trying.

Exactly. Ive suggested many times making the war type random. If a wc doesnt know if the next war will be round, primal or lowland is will help stacking. Could also bring back standard, advantage and random to further bring back strategy over pure speed. Because your right, the devs arent gonna come up with anything new.
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Re: Fixing wars

Postby Green-Echo4Legend on Nov 11 2017, 9:10am

RedHotVixen wrote:
CHUBBY__CHASER wrote:Can’t fix system war the right way unless they even the playing field of pc vs phone users


its why majority of people stopped warring. Most dont have easy access to pc and who wants to war when they will be at a disadvantage

i get why pc warriors dont want to lose their advantage, but fact is if you wanna save wars and up participation you gotta even the field

no amount of extra rewards will entice people to war at a disadvantage

100% correct.

Here is the thing. Why own a PC anymore? Tablets and phones are just as capable of all the things a Pc can do only it’s expensive to own a pc anymore. And by no means should someone have to own a Pc to play a tap game. And what now I gotta have a phone AND a pc to play kaw? Screw that. Or my other option is to carry around a desktop computer to play? What am I gonna do take it to work? To the grocery store? Let’s get real here.
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Re: Fixing wars

Postby CHUBBY__CHASER on Nov 11 2017, 9:19am

Low land system war would work better if it was just Rock Paper Scissors with builds but the pc speeds eliminate that
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