Idea for new mith equipment

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Idea for new mith equipment

Postby teddyboy on Mar 22 2017, 5:44pm

I believe most ppls have bad experience to buy the last 2 sets miths equipments (S3 & S4).
You'll be upset within a couple of weeks after u spent thousands of miths to buy those miths equipments and max enchanted them, then devs immedialtey release new equipments with better stats.
We know it'll be happen again once devs release new miths equipments if they don't do something differenct.
Here is my idea for new miths equipment:
We don't actually need a full set (12 pcs) new miths equipment, we only need 1, that's say its a helmet

Ppls can buy the helmet (lv 0) from market which cost u 0 miths with a bfe 0/0/0/0

It will cost u a token to enchant this helmet (1 token = 1 level) (max level 10)

You can buy the tokens from market which cost you 500 miths each token

There are 4 different tokens are avaliable: troop attk token (give u 15m troops attk bfe); troop defen token (give u 15m troops defen. bfe); spy attk token (give u 15m spy attk bfe); spy defen token (give u 15m spy defen bfe)

So everyone can built your new helmet by your own as spy heavy, troop heavy, attk heavy, defen. heavy or balance

From Level 11 and up, the enchantment will require a scoll + a token each level
the scoll will be reward from EE events, that's say 2/4/6/8 scrolls for top500/100/50/10

Devs can lock this helmet at level 20 or 30 at this moment if ppls worry about it'll be too overpower; then unlock to higher levers when it needed

Of course, if those bfe is useless for those LBs, then devs can release more tokens for enchanting; for example; 1 token cost 500 miths and gives 0.25% (either attk/defen./spy attk or spy defen.)

P.S.: Devs needs to fix the miths pay out system from indi wars, miths pay-out must related to warriors war performance (actions, failed inc, KOs, plunders ect...), not related to wariirors building size.
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Re: Idea for new mith equipment

Postby lIlIIl_-_Aye_Bee-_-IllIIl on Mar 22 2017, 5:48pm

Support, good idea
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Re: Idea for new mith equipment

Postby -Rusted_Knight_of_Serenity- on Mar 22 2017, 6:13pm

Support. I like this idea because each season could release another piece of armor that can be upgraded.
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