How to crack an omelette 

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How to crack an omelette 

Postby -_-OPTIMAL-_-CHAOS-_- on Nov 23 2014, 2:15pm

This is a ode to an omelette.
Ever thought about what's inside an omets head?

Not a lot as it turns out.

The omelette of which I speak in this instance is a particularly curios type.
See omelettes normally enjoy being whipped up a little. It makes them nice and frothy thus being sweeter and better tasting.
Well this particular egg ( we shall call him a bad egg) is no omelette. He is indeed anything but.
Crying at the first sign of a whip,,

Now I will spare you the usual blah blah blah of how he will get his brother and sister eggs to attack me.

How he is the mighty be all and end all of kaw.
Yeah scary right.

You see in this pvp event we all eggspected some eggcitement. However here I was. Hitting battlewhip as one does. And what comes into my newsfeed and pm.
A rather butt hurt and obnoxious bad little egg.
Now threats I don't mind.
War banter is part of the game.

But what pissed me off.


This insane bad little egg decided to to go all cultist on me.
I mean really dude. Like back off I am so not into you.

Explaining how he and his fellow eggs are the enlightened ones.
And I quote the enlightened fool here.
" you may post an apology on my wall, or my Kings wall. If you desired my attention there are other ways. Truth is clarity, Ignorance is cloudy and unsure. I act not out of malice but out of understanding, with is the path to enlightenment. "

Wow two hits now requires a ceasefire request. To his king. Omfg. I nearly died there. Seriously dude. What are you smoking. No please don't tell me. I already know.
Hope your 60 in response was worth what you have brought upon yourselves and your fellow omelettes.
This coo coo is def one of the following. Take your pick.

How he and his omelettes were not allowed to be attacked during this event
I found this rather eggstrodinary.
A type of player that is not allowed to be attacked in a pvp event?
Why that is perplexing. In fact I was eggasperated
As I such I have egghausted my efforts with this current event.
I shall move forward all my eggstrodinary talents to making an eggsample of this omelette that sullied the formally good name of the omelettes.

So my dear
Please note. For the next 365 days you shall be beaten in a mixing bowl.

Peppered full of holes.
Covered in every shade of seasoning you may imagine.
And whipped beyond any hope of relief.
Scrambled and anything else I care to do.


You shall come to hate your new schedule.

Mondays you shall be terriefried.

Tuesdays. Well you are a rather obese. So I would suggest this be your day of eggsercise

Wednesday. Don't worry here. This is the day I build up your eggspectations

Thursdays I am sure you will be egghausted.
Fry-days. They shall hold a special treat for you.

Saturday no rest for the wicked. You will still need an eggducation

Sunday. The eggsalted one. ( that's god to you cult boy not your worthless false idiot ) shall make you pay attention and praise that you are not worthy of licking the shoes of the kawmunity that you declare yourself to be better than.

Get to know your knew schedule. You will know no other kaw for the next 365 days as a result of your big mouth and worthless claims of greatness.

Think you are tough. Numpty dumpty will take a big fall. And lay flat on his face.


Now should the formally rest of the omelettes choose to get involved to protect their arrogant member that disgraced their name.
Know this. This thread is a direct response of the bad eggs actions.
He had every opportunity to prevent it and conflict. Your name is sullied due to his arrogance, rudeness and ignorance.
Place yourself above the community and you get me.
The community is here to participate. Not to serve an elitist cult imbecile that thinks he is above others.
Your reputation has been damaged due to this eggs over-reactions. .
As he has chosen to intentionally sabotage this event for others. As he has decided to belittle the community. His game is now my game. His life on kaw is what I decide it is.
And I will not stop until he and any that support him apologise to the community for trying to sabotage this event and other players ability to enjoy the game as it is supposed to be played.
Stay pinned. Never leave gold out. Never ever sleep.

Because I am coming for you. For the rest of your kaw days.

OMETOTCHTLLI1. This ones devoted to you.
Next time you cry about 2 hits. You never know who's at the other end of the news feed. Sorry you won't ever get to enjoy hte again

And above all else. Remember. Inside every egg is a chicken just trying to get out.

This guy is exactly why the eb fairies run in fear from these events. . It's why kids stop playing and why people get sick and tired of the game. Because some sad idiot sat in mummies basement with no life buries his head up his kings ass ina virtual world thinking he is tough.
Well tough guy. And those who back him.  BRING IT 

Back by popular demand.

With an old friend just for the farm


Oh and a special one. Just to keep ashes happy as I am a fan of his work.


Trolls do your thing 
The rest of you. Grab your popcorn and let the show commence. 
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Re: How to crack an omelette 

Postby Kali_Death_Dance on Nov 23 2014, 2:27pm

LMAO !!!!.... A BAD egg in ever Batch lolololol
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Re: How to crack an omelette 

Postby DeIta on Nov 23 2014, 2:55pm

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Re: How to crack an omelette 

Postby _CorruptedCreator_ on Nov 23 2014, 2:56pm

Support 
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Re: How to crack an omelette 

Postby Tinkerbell on Nov 23 2014, 3:11pm

Aren't OMETS depicted as rabbits? o_o
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Re: How to crack an omelette 

Postby Omar on Nov 23 2014, 3:37pm

I dont think you posted enough egg pics
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Re: How to crack an omelette 

Postby noobletcakes on Nov 23 2014, 3:39pm

I will choose a healthier snack. Anyone want some grapes?
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Re: How to crack an omelette 

Postby SOULLESS_WARRIOR-_- on Nov 23 2014, 3:51pm

 this cracked me up.
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Re: How to crack an omelette 

Postby -_-OPTIMAL-_-CHAOS-_- on Nov 23 2014, 3:59pm

This Omet really cracks me up. I'm supposed to be out of the event but doing better than ever purely because of him.
Gotta love the yoke for brains he displays in his decision making. Scared of the omelettes. Don't be. They aren't all they are cracked up to be.
At least this one isn't.
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Re: How to crack an omelette 

Postby Skyj1LSA on Nov 23 2014, 4:20pm

This thread made me laugh. I enjoy when people catch on to this kind of behavior
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