pure evil wars/ kaw suicide

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Re: pure evil wars/ kaw suicide

Postby Superman on May 17 2012, 3:40pm

What's with the spamming? 
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Re: pure evil wars/ kaw suicide

Postby EBInsomniac_-Kingkozi-_EBI on May 18 2012, 5:33am

Yea wanting to get spanked by your cousin. That's not weird at all. Op perv noob
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Re: pure evil wars/ kaw suicide

Postby MlSS_7 on May 18 2012, 5:55am

@Rogue - lmfao

Clearly his mother dragged his sorry ​ outta the reject bin.

I protest on IVF tbh. There's a reason why some mothers really shouldent have em'.
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Re: pure evil wars/ kaw suicide

Postby XXIX-MeXiCaN-War-MaCHiNE-XllX on Dec 4 2017, 5:28pm

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Re: pure evil wars/ kaw suicide

Postby Thrawn on Dec 4 2017, 6:14pm

Oh god...I remember seeing this thread when it was posted. We had a idle discussion in pal about whether or not it was real. I brushed it off as annoying spam because I was going through a phase where everything had to be purposeful to be worthwhile (read as: severe depression). I had just finished my first AP exams in high school and a good friend killed themselves three days prior to it. Why I remember this thread out of everything else going on I couldn't tell you.
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