Estoc Trials - Week #2 - War #10

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Estoc Trials - Week #2 - War #10

Postby kaw_admin on Apr 13 2013, 6:37pm

Overall Updates
* We are deeply sorry for the issues that have plague the Estoc Trials the past few days, and are working hard to ensure that they do not happen again.

* Due to some of the match ups produced recently, we may have to tighten down the size restrictions so that they are closer. While this may lead to more no matches, we believe this is the best solution for all involved.

No Match Data

Signups - 64
No Match - 6

ZAFT Corporation - There were 2 other clans near you (-RCA- and ZAFT Carnage), those two were matched with each other, leaving you the odd man out.

WarLoR - Your BFA is over 4X larger than any clans near you

Team_Cold_Cash - You joined with 35 members, and all clans that were close to you in strength signed up with lower numbers

NIGHT'S WATCH of SENTINEL STAND - This was purely an odd man out situation, as your stats are similar to quite a few other clans.

S.O.T.R.A - Your BFA is higher than the clans beside you, except one. That clan however had less members than you so we could not find you a match.

Tropic Thund - Your clan was the weakest to sign up, unfortunately there were no clans near you in strength for us to match you with. This is a special case, as you were significantly lower in all areas (3X lower in build stats, 8X lower in BFA). Please consider recruiting some stronger members into your clan. Thanks!

Clan Size Breakdown

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Re: Estoc Trials - Week #2 - War #10

Postby MlKE on Apr 13 2013, 6:41pm

I think it's best to restrict it to 25-32 members per war
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Re: Estoc Trials - Week #2 - War #10

Postby lllll___HoneyBadger___lllll on Apr 13 2013, 6:44pm

25-32? Omg no please no. Make it more like 35-42.

4x higher though huh? 
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Re: Estoc Trials - Week #2 - War #10

Postby IllIll_BlackHandLegion_IllIlI on Apr 13 2013, 7:07pm

Thanks admin
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Re: Estoc Trials - Week #2 - War #10

Postby XxX_IlI_SheDevil_lII_XxX on Apr 13 2013, 7:25pm

Thunderdome got a no Match we are not listed here? No option to do new eb
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Re: Estoc Trials - Week #2 - War #10

Postby XXIII_FIN_IIIXX on Apr 13 2013, 7:34pm

God has abondened me in these wars
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Re: Estoc Trials - Week #2 - War #10

Postby sweetolive on Apr 13 2013, 8:19pm

Sounds like the trial trials continue - have you all considered maybe player focus groups and/or fielding your own EE clan to get some insight into the players's kaw world. Looks like interest in kaw is sadly waining. I sincerely hope the kaw gods recognize this and at least look outside the box for some solutions/inspirations.
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Re: Estoc Trials - Week #2 - War #10

Postby -Mealdor_MaCHiNE- on Apr 13 2013, 8:41pm

I have to say that this match up system is really bad......we keep getting match up with RCA but there bfa is much bigger and their equipment are 20 times better and on top of that, we seemed to always get over power by 3-4 members more on the opponent...don't get me wrong, I'm not taking anything away from RCA, they've earn their wins and so on, respect to u guys but how is that a fair match...
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Re: Estoc Trials - Week #2 - War #10

Postby ITTI_CoTToN__ITTI__BuTToN_ITTI on Apr 13 2013, 8:50pm

Kaw_admin if you are going to tighten sign up sizes is it possible to run two cohorts at the same time? Say one from 20-25 to see if there is any interest in small war and the other say 32-37. I'm just throwing those numbers out randomly and they could, obviously, be adjusted as required if in fact you can run two separate clan sizes in one time slot.
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Re: Estoc Trials - Week #2 - War #10

Postby Strider051 on Apr 13 2013, 9:06pm

I'm interested in the monitoring of BFA jumpers during this war. I know of 2 clans where this occured in war 10 and it appears that it has not been paid attention to at all. As for you asking people to post about this on your threads I believe you are out of your mind. Great way to get someone farmed or start an osw.
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